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The death of a loved one tends to bring out a lot of confusion and even conflict among family members. In fact, research shows that 75% of us have not had any end of life discussions and 45% of us die without a will. This may lead to delays in a memorial service and selecting a final resting place for a loved one’s ashes. These tips help families minimize disagreements, decide on a time to say goodbye, and  help identify an urn that will be ideally suitable.

Has your Family had Conflict When Coming Together on the Death of a Relative?

It should come as no surprise that families do not always agree on everything. This can create difficulties and even open arguments at any time.  Especially when grief affects everyone’s ability to decide. After a loved one has passed, the family gets together to determine what kind of plans they would like to have for a funeral or memorial service. The entire process of planning and carrying out the last goodbye may be much easier if the person had left a written record of their final wishes.

Knowing your loved ones final wishes is not always enough to eliminate conflict. In some cases, families disagree with those wishes. In other instances, finances do not permit the kind of service and final rest that the individual had requested. The best way for families to manage their conflict is to listen to all the concerns of each member. It may be possible to make a minor compromise that allows the person who passed a respectful sendoff that is consistent with their wishes. This can help avoid any additional burdens for others in the family.

Were there Issues when Making Decisions During a Time of Grief?

Each person experiences feelings of grief in a unique way. Some might react with loud expressions of anger. Others could feel so numb that they do not feel the urge to cry. It is vital to keep in mind that there are so many ways to express grief, and they are all normal. People in one family might be so focused on finding distractions that they seem incredibly energetic. While on the other hand, their siblings may barely find the energy to get out of bed.

Cremation Scattering Ceremony
A family gathering for a Cremation Scattering Ceremony

The best way to promote a sense of closeness is to recognize that everyone’s individual experience is valid. It’s always important to work together to create the ideal way to say goodbye.

Choosing cremation means that families can take their time to make several decisions about what to do with the ashes. Although, it is typically a good idea to settle a few matters while the event is still very recent. Obviously, the decision to have a body cremated or opt for a traditional burial must be made only hours after passing. In this case, planning prior to a person’s death (known as “pre-need”) often smooths this first choice. This way family members will know or be made aware of their loved one’s wishes quickly.

 Did you know that 20% of People wait more than a Month when Purchasing an Urn for Ashes?

Unlike traditional burials, cremation permits families to customize a loved one’s memorial and final rest in an unlimited number of ways. This can be interesting, engaging and overwhelming. Some families choose a memorial service that is very much like a traditional funeral. Selecting a simple, standard brass urn to suit a somber mood. Others might create a festival on a beach.  Including a classic bonfire, bright clothing and an urn with as much personality as the person whose ashes are kept within.

The plan could be inexpensive to suit families on a tight budget, or very grand. Cremated ashes do not degenerate when put in a dry, secure place. As a result, relatives and friends can take the time they need to think about what their loved one wanted in a cremation urn. This may take weeks, months or even a few years to make their memorial service, into a reality.

Is a Memorial Service Enough?

When planning a final service and resting place for ashes, many people find that there are so many options available they simply cannot decide. The truth is that families do not have to make only one choice about the handling of cremated remains. If family members cannot reach an agreement about burying, scattering or keeping a loved one’s ashes, it is definitely possible to do all three.

Peaceful Pillow® Urn
A family taking their loved one for a deep sea burial service.

Urns for ashes come in all sizes. Small enough to hold a pinch of ashes to being large enough for the remains of more than one person. The urns themselves are made for all different kinds of purposes as well.

Deciding the type of service for the memorial ceremony is the first selection. Meaningful ceremonies help the healing process by celebrating a loved one. The favorable choice when determining the final resting place of a loved one is an urn burial in a cemetery. Scattering urns or burials at sea are becoming more popular. The idea of letting the waves of the ocean carry away your loved one is very soothing. There are also options for Biodegradable Urns that are eco-friendly and easy travel companions. Another traditional approach is placing the urn in a family home.

Asking for Help

People who have never searched for cremation urns might not have any idea how many choices are available. Sometimes it is easier and less stressful to let a memorial specialist help sort out all the options. Memorial specialists are familiar with the different methods of handling cremated remains. They can easily advise families on the best ways to have the kind of memorial service and final rest that their loved one had in mind. People who have a limited budget may quickly discover that they do not always have to compromise on quality to save money. Memorial specialists can also take requests to learn more about the kinds of urns that could be perfect for your loved one.

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There are millions of people in the world who struggle with low vision every day. For many, learning how to read in braille, and requesting reading materials in braille, makes a significant difference in their ability to communicate with the world around them. However a person comes to have low vision, braille is a language they can use to assist them. Why do we offer braille urns? By offering urns with custom printing in braille, In The Light Urns supports greater accessibility for people with diminished sight. 

What Is Braille?

Braille is a language composed of raised bumps set in a pattern to represent a letter, >punctuation mark, number or word. Each one is known as a “braille cell.” Each cell has the potential to have six raised bumps, two columns with three rows. The number and position of the dots tell the reader what the character is supposed to represent. There are two types of braille, known as uncontracted braille and contracted braille. Uncontracted braille uses one cell for every letter, number or punctuation mark. It is more useful for children or adults who are just learning to read in braille. Contracted braille uses the same arrangement of a braille cell to represent whole words, which takes up less space and conveys a message more quickly.

A Brief History of Braille

Prior to the invention of braille, people with low vision had few options for learning how to read. Reading raised print, the standard in the early 19th Century, was hard to master and even more difficult to make. This limited the number of books available for people who could not use their eyes to make out the words. Louis Braille, growing up in this circumstance, wanted something more. Based on a method of sending military messages that could be read without light, he devised a system of braille that we see still in use today.

Who Might Need Braille Urns?

Although braille is a language that is designed to provide literacy to people whose vision is low enough that they cannot see or discern standard printed language, not everyone with low vision knows how to read braille. Many people rely on a number of systems that allow them to understand and communicate written language, such as magnification or voice-to-text software, but there are times when there is no substitute for braille. Anyone can learn to read braille, and it is a useful language to help out those who may struggle to read print that is too small. Adding a transcription in braille to our cremation urns allows those who know braille, or who are just learning it, to identify the engraving on the outside of the urn.

Custom Cremation Urns

The National Federation of the Blind notes that there are over 7 million adults living with a visual disability in the United States. With certain accommodations, these people can live their lives much like those with average vision. Offering braille transcriptions to go with our engraving services is a way that we can achieve our goal of greater inclusivity with all of our urns. We have a growing number of custom cremation urns that feature braille as an option. In fact, we may be able to put braille on virtually any of our extensive line of urns and keepsakes.

Creating braille urns is a simple act that could make such a difference for a person with low vision who just wants to read the printing on the side. The ability to read a message left for a loved one helps to link families together forever.

The world of cremation urns is changing, and In The Light Urns is leading the charge. People want urns that perfectly fit the personality of their loved ones. They may not be as satisfied with just any traditional cremation urn. As a result, the rule of the day is innovation, and we have got it in spades. Check out some of the most engaging, off-the-wall and impressive urns we have available. Is the urn you want among them, or would you take a step into the future and design your own? The choice is yours.

Hobbies and Talents

You can go pretty much anywhere to find a wood urn that has a picture of a common hobby attached to the top or the front. While this is a representation, we are not convinced that it is always truly representative. Many of our customers want the real thing, and that is what we strive to deliver. As such, we feature toolbox urns, an urn in the design of a rather convincing pool table, even keepsake urns in the shape of drum sticks. A trophy cup offers the ideal way to memorialize a loved one surrounded by the awards they received.

Food Themes

The text printed on the urn may be just as important as the style. People sometimes get stuck into the assumption that an urn has to be designed in one way, that it must be very serious. However, this is not entirely true. It is your urn, so you should get what you want. Custom cremation urns can really push boundaries, with a custom soda or beer can or a pizza box. The pizza box even says, “Rest in pizza.” That might not be your family’s kind of humor. Then again, it might.

For the Love of the Road

We have been delighted to create a wide variety of motorcycle-themed wooden urns for ashes for our customers. These feature a solid, commanding motorcycle helmet urn, a motorcycle bell and even a motorcycle tank in your choice of colors. People who spent thousands of hours riding recognize that the last rest stop is final. With a real motorcycle bell urn, however, you can take your loved one with you on many more rides in the future.

Many Loving Hours

Lots of families like to remember the countless hours they spent in the company of their loved ones, engaging in religious pursuits or just having pleasant conversation or games. An urn built to be a podium for Bible or photo album is a great way to memorialize someone, or have a place to proudly display the Bible they so carefully read. Those who enjoyed the black and white board could find their final rest in custom wood urns in the shape of a chess king or queen. Families who can remember the years they spent gathered around the radio delight in the real style of the Crosley Old Time Cathedral Radio. In some cases, the ashes themselves can be a reminder of time spent. The Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake Urn is an excellent example.

Whimsical Choices

If these options were not distinctive enough, there is a huge variety of other options for custom urns for ashes that create a beautiful and fitting memorial. For children, a popular choice includes a teddy bear, made from fabric of your choosing. Looking for something more natural? Try a sand castle made from real sand, perfect for burial at sea. Take a look at the lovely, mysterious Star Formation keepsake urn. The urn is made from handmade glass and some of the cremated remains, which swirl through the glass in a truly unique way. The glass options we have are myriad, from the bold Crystal Violet glass to the sculpted Eagle Spirit urn.

The Latest Custom Options

All of these styles represent what you can see right now. The future is what you cannot see anywhere except your mind. Our recent exploration into the field of 3D printing has permitted In The Light Urns to redefine the concept of custom cremation urns. You provide us an idea, and our graphic artists can create an almost exact replica of your ideal cremation urn. The result is like no other. Our acquisition of an in-house 3D printer means that we can create almost any design that you can conceive. These include options as simple as a star or as complex as a race car. If you can envision it, we may be able to create it.

This determination is what makes In The Light Urns truly unique in the field of custom urns for ashes. We know that customization means so much more than simply adding a personal picture or a nameplate. Although these are great additions to a traditional brass or wood urn and meet many of our customers’ expectations, they are not truly custom. Most of our designs are original and entirely unique to our business. However, we never forget that the widest variety of urns out there are the ones yet to be made. We would like to help you build yours.

When memorializing a loved one, family members want a cremation urn that is going to be truly unique. They want something that will represent and honor their loved one for an eternity. With an outstanding variety of cremation urns and memorial products here at In the Light Urns, we have added yet another option of customization to give our customers a further personalized experience.

Through additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, we are able to design an urn that is ideal to what the customer wants. Whether they choose a design that is completely custom, or a style more traditional on a lovely base, they get the customer satisfaction that comes with knowing they are creating a fantastic custom design that will honor their loved one perfectly.

3D Printed Senna Formula 1 Race Car (wood base was not printed)

How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?

Most people are accustomed to methods of subtractive manufacturing, such as carving, stamping, and cutting designs out of materials. The excess material from subtractive manufacturing usually becomes scrap material (manufacturing waste) that gets tossed in the garbage. In the process of additive manufacturing, the product is being built by combining multiple element components. For our cremation urns we use both methods of manufacturing however, 3D printing, gives us the flexibility to design something more personal and achieve better customer satisfaction. The 3D printer takes a model of the design presented by the customer and then constructs the parts with a material supported by the printer, fused carefully together, to create a three-dimensional version of the design. This new approach to manufacturing makes a huge difference in the styles available to people, but also produces far less waste, and uses less energy.

How Does 3D Printing Encourage Customization?

Once people realize that they can create almost any design with access to a 3D printer, the sky is the limit on styles. For example, selecting a wood urn with a print of a scaled race car is a lovely choice, but it is not truly unique. Imagine the ability to locate an image of the perfect race car, with the ability to change colors and designs on it as desired. Now, families can determine the style of urn that works best for them, knowing that there is no other like it in the world.

How Do 3D Urns Work?

Like all additive manufacturing, custom cremation urns for ashes are made out of small pieces of material that are compiled into a unique design selected by the customer. Once the urn is complete, families can choose how they want it to be presented, whether they want the urn printed in color–left white or painted beautifully. The ashes can be stored either in a compartment that is part of the print itself with a plug to secure the closure, or the print can be displayed on a natural wooden, marble, brass, or stone base. The goal is to give families the ultimate choice in how to honor and display their loved ones’ remains.

New Options to Consider

Now that there is a basic understanding of additive manufacturing, a person can begin to imagine the world of opportunity behind creating a custom cremation urn for ashes. And what a world it is! Maybe there is an urn online that the customer really likes but it isn’t quite what they want. In this case they can request to have an urn printed to look similar to that of the one online, however they can add the features they were envisioning, onto the 3D urn.

3D Printed White Lion

Some of the designs that customers are asking about involve a custom race car, a lion and a beautiful star. Imagine being able to recreate a person’s favorite car, one that they owned and drove, or one that they just loved to admire. A lion signifies strength and grace, while a lion urn with a pleasing marble base shows the timeless quality of a family’s love and memory. The star is flat with an opening at the back to hold the ashes, reflecting the endless sky.

These are only the choices that other customers have made. Urns can be made into almost anything. A child’s passing is always so hard to endure, but creating a children urn designed after a child’s favorite teddy bear or other stuffed animal provides a vivid and loving reminder. Companion urns also make excellent use of 3D printing. Imagine a single urn of a couple’s clasped hands, with the ashes stores in the base for each hand. Families could choose to have bust urns made of each person, or create a single style that can be used twice. In either case, the urns are entirely custom.

A Custom Design That’s Always Available

Many families have come to love a particular design for an urn, wanting to have several options for different family members as they pass. However, they sometimes become saddened when they go to purchase an urn and discover that a particular style is out of stock or has been discontinued. Additive manufacturing solves this problem by making almost any style available to make, anytime. This way, families can have exactly the urn that they want, without worrying that the manufacturer will discontinue the product line.

Custom Additions

The nice thing about additive manufacturing is that it is perfectly suited for the addition of other components. The materials used for 3D printing may be added to wood, marble, brass and other choices. For example, families might opt to have a 3D urn printed, but then install it on a wood or marble base to create a more traditional look. A customized engraved plate with up to four lines may be added to the base. However, families who want a truly custom urn do not have to select a base made of other materials. They may now request to have the urn, topper and base printed from the same materials.

The Benefits of In-House Printing

The best part of this whole process is that it allows our company to bring the production in-house. A 3D urn still requires time to produce. However, families no longer have to worry that they will have to wait weeks or months for their urns to be produced overseas and shipped to the U.S. Even better, people know that they are contributing directly to American labor and production. They also have a better guarantee that they will get what they want, knowing that there are fewer steps and points of contact in the process. The ultimate result is a higher degree of customer satisfaction for those who purchase custom cremation urns for ashes.

Who knew that custom 3D printing for urns would be so engaging? And yet, the idea that customers should get a custom choice that reflects their loved ones’ personalities resonates with many. Whether families want an urn to resemble a person or something that they loved, 3D printing turns the tide of urn manufacturing to the customers’ choice, leading to people’s ultimate satisfaction in their purchases.

People looking for urns and keepsakes to hold the ashes of their loved ones sometimes feel stuck in their search. They often think that they cannot find the representation that fits just perfectly. This is why we at In The Light Urns are constantly innovating, looking for new techniques that will delight customers and create a more appropriate reminder of times gone by. A new development in printing creates the ability to print on materials that would not sustain printing before, two-dimensional or with texture for those who desire it. Check out these new selections, with more to be available soon.

Personalized Cremation Jewelry

It is one thing to place a printed photo into a photo urn, or into a locket. It is an entirely different matter to attempt to print a picture directly onto a piece of jewelry or other material. A printed picture that is attached to steel or placed in a locket may become lost or be too small to see clearly. Technology is radically improving in this arena, which allows manufacturers to print directly onto wood, metals and other materials that previously would not retain the ink. This development dramatically expands the world of available customization for urns for ashes, cremation jewelry and other memorial products. Imagine a lovely pendant with a steel chain that prominently features a picture of a loved one in either color or black and white. The pendant serves as a keepsake urn, and holds 0.25 cubic inches of ashes. It becomes a lasting memento that allows those who are grieving to keep their loved ones close to their hearts.

Urns for Ashes in 3-D Relief

Printing on unique media is only the beginning of this particular feature offered to customers. People who long to have pictures be more than simply two-dimensional may be pleased by the option to have an image printed in relief, effectively in textured 3-D. Many families like to have urns that have a texture, a specific feel to them. This new printing technique permits pictures, numbers and other images to be printed on many different kinds of materials in relief. This may help those who are visually-impaired read numbers or letters, and may just add a layer of personalization for those who want something that really stands out.

Custom Keepsake Urns

Many urns that people buy are not particularly customized until they are printed. It is in the printing that families feel like the urn is truly designed to hold their loved ones’ earthly remains. Consider this pink scallop keepsake urn, with a lovely image and printing beneath. It holds up to four cubic inches of ashes, and can support up to two lines of printing. Relief printing allows the lines of text to be textured, for greater visibility. The photo may now be printed directly onto different materials, improving its overall beauty.

More Options Available

Keepsake urns and jewelry are the first options available using this printing technique. They are widely available for order directly from the website. However, we encourage customers to use this capability as a jumping-off point to dream up the perfect personalized urn, keepsake urn or cremation jewelry that would be ideal for their families. Thinking of a glass urn with a picture or relief printing of a person’s name and a loving message? Want a marble urn with a beautiful image printed directly on stone? Contact us with your ideas and your unique preferences. We may be able to give you exactly what you wanted.

When people die, their memories are never very far away. Families want to display their remembrance of loved ones who have passed through urns for ashes, cremation jewelry and keepsake urns. However, they have struggled to make these memorials truly custom. At In The Light Urns, we never forget this fact, and work to offer choices that are more unique than any other urns in the industry. With our new printing system, jewelry and urns have never been more personalized, with options available to satisfy any taste.

Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and TipsWhen people start to plan for their final rest, they often look to tradition and family experience to get ideas for how they may want to plan a memorial ceremony. However, with the dramatic increase in the popularity of cremation since the 1950’s, many people cannot rely on memorial ceremonies of family members and friends to set a precedent. Just a couple of generations ago, cremation was quite uncommon in the U.S. It will become the norm in just a few years, which means that there are a lot of families out there who need guidance and even basic instruction on the best ways to hold a memorial ceremony. Hosts often know that memorial ceremonies are more open than a traditional funeral and burial, but they want more information. That is the goal of Gail Rubin and Susan Fraser, with the new print book, “Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and Tips.”

A Guide to Cremation Ceremonies

Because so many families are new to the idea of cremation and how it works, Rubin and Fraser walk families through the basic process to foster a greater sense of understanding. The first chapter gives people information about what cremation does, the kinds of arrangements and paperwork families will need to complete in order for the cremation to happen, as well as some ways to minimize the cost of cremation. This chapter also provides guidance on the transport and legal considerations regarding the disposition of ashes. While scattering ashes is a popular part of many memorial ceremonies, there are rules and laws that must be followed in the scattering or burial of ashes. With this information in mind, readers can start to consider the many options available for planning memorial ceremonies.

A Reference for Memorial Planning

Memorials often contain many of the same elements as a funeral, but the content and the delivery can be quite distinct and vary widely across different kinds of memorials. The remaining chapters of “Hail and Farewell” offer ideas for the ways that ashes may be disposed, both historic and modern. They also show options for speeches, relating stories, music and general templates for the format of the memorial service. Rubin and Fraser recognize that their suggestions are merely ideas that readers can consider and incorporate into memorial services however they would like. After reading the book, families have many options to consider, as well as new ways of conceiving the memorial service as a whole.

Breaking Outside the Memorial Box

In recent years, people have expressed the desire to host a memorial ceremony that is not simply traditional in nature. Rubin and Fraser have made plenty of accommodation for memorial planners who want the traditional or the unexpected. As such, they give information about scattering ashes by plane, a memorial that involves scattering ashes at the summit of a tall mountain, beach memorials and other themes that might suit the desires of readers wanting a more personalized approach.

“Hail and Farewell”

Rubin and Fraser believe that memorials are meant for the grieving, which means that the memorial should maximize the ability of attendees to express their love and their grief. The new title for the print edition of the book hearkens to this belief, through the immortal words of the Roman poet Gaius Valerius Catullus. Catullus wrote a short poem over 2,000 years ago to memorialize his bitter anguish over his brother’s death. They placed the poem in the book as an epigram to remind readers that they are not alone in feeling lost in planning an ideal send-off for a loved one. The sadness and frustration at this incredible loss becomes a wonderful opportunity to gather together as a family and friends to share their grief and say goodbye one last time.

Buyers can order “Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and Tips” from:

Certain bookstores will also make the book available for special order, for interested customers. Cremation allows families to create a memorial service that provides them with just the right opportunity to bid a final farewell. However, this broad spectrum of memorial options can be intimidating to families looking to plan a wonderful memorial. Gail Rubin and Susan Fraser solve this problem through their book “Hail and Farewell: Cremation Ceremonies, Templates and Tips.” With this print book, readers get the instruction and guidance they need to plan a memorial service that is engaging, appropriate and enjoyable for all.

For more resources, check out our eBooks:

Celebrating Life: How to Cremate Meaningful Memorial Services

Stories From Funeral Celebrants: Celebrating the Life While Mourning the Death

Life is fleeting, like the brush of faerie wings against a dewy, moss-covered tree. Anne Stokes, artist of the fantastic and imaginary, uses the living world to take those who are not living and show the world how they could be. In The Light Urns aims to feature an appropriate memorial for loved ones who days on Earth have passed. With a license to show Stokes’ work in urns, the company reaffirms a commitment to giving customers the greatest possible variety in honoring their loved ones. Paintings from the skilled artist Stokes are a perfect complement to several lines of urns from In The Light Urns.

Who is Anne Stokes?

Anne StokesAnne Stokes is a masterful designer and artist from the United Kingdom who specializes in gothic and fantasy designs. Originally from London, she got her start designing merchandise. With a realization of her unique gift, she became a freelance illustrator who was able to license her work for books and records. Stokes’ style is quite enigmatic, with plenty of color in her designs, which range from undeniably dark to quite heavenly. Her work has been featured in T-shirts, posters, calendars, collectible card games and an almost unimaginable variety of other media.

Stokes aims to bring images that feel like they belong in dreams entirely to life. Her design process starts with a rough drawing in which she shows how the painting should eventually appear. She gradually adds definition, color and shading. The final result demonstrates bold color and chiaroscuro, the change from dark to light without much transition, as good as Caravaggio ever did. Stokes prefers to place her emphasis on the face, as the subject’s expression is what she believes is most likely to catch the viewer’s eye.

Inspiration From Life

Stokes says that she likes to take a small digital camera wherever she goes to take pictures of things in nature that interest her. She once snapped a picture of tree branches that crossed together in an unusual star pattern. This picture inspired her forest pentagram dragon painting, a depiction of a pentagram made from tied branches with a dragon sitting perched in the center. While her work may seem whimsical, there is amazingly careful attention to line and detail. No matter what common themes she selects for each work, she always tries to add something new or a unique detail that did not exist before.

Remembering a Fantastic Person

In Stokes’ works, she is accustomed to taking beings that do not exist in the natural world and giving them lives of their own. In The Light Urns expects that the addition of Stokes’ paintings to the existing selection will provide the perfect touch of fantasy for the person who loved science fiction or fantasy in books, films, games and more. The gothic religious loved one might like an urn with Gothic Prayer quietly displayed. A strong, confident, powerful woman could be remembered by The Avenger, while a lover of dragons, metal music and guitars would appreciate Power Chord, a mixture of fantasy, weaponry and music. Stokes provides options for more conventional choices, as well. For example, Enchanted Pool might be the ideal choice for fans of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

Upcoming Selections

There are many cremation urns available with In The Light Urns that show a beautiful illustration on the front. The Journey of Love® Urn Series and the Keep the Memory® Wood Urn Series will soon offer several delightful prints from Anne Stokes’ collection of fantasy works. Each urn is made of solid wood with a full-color print for display, and they are appropriate for either adults or children. The Journey of Love® urns measure 10” tall, 7.5” wide and 9.5” deep, holding as much as 240 cubic inches of adults. They are carefully constructed from deep walnut with a platform that holds a battery-operated candle that really flickers. This upright urn offers up to three lines of personal engraving. The Keep the Memory® urns are made from solid birch with a striking rosewood finish. Measuring 11.5” wide, 7” tall and 7.5” deep, these urns for ashes will hold as much as 200 cubic inches of ashes, and can support up to four lines of engraving on each urn. Eventually, In The Light Urns may feature more of Stokes’ angels, faeries and more in other urn series.

Fantasy Art Cremation Urn

Spirit Guide by Anne Stokes

Spirit Guide Anne Stokes


Increasing Variety for Customers

No business will survive without paying attention to its customers’ needs. In The Light Urns understands how important it is to buyers that they are able to choose exactly the right cremation urns to represent their loved ones. This means that improved variety and continual innovation are crucial for complete client satisfaction. In The Light Urns strives to provide the ultimate customer experience for families. They will always feel like their needs are met in a considerate, supportive environment. Each person’s choice is as varied as the stones on an ancient castle wall. By adding the works of Anne Stokes to the choices customers have for urns featuring illustrations, In The Light Urns ensures that visitors to the site will continue to delight in the options they have for this unique decision.

The angels are singing and the dragons are flying high to signify their approval of In The Light Urns licensing Anne Stokes’ paintings for use in several different types of urns. Families get to memorialize their loved ones in a more unique way, and a little part of the person who has passed becomes immortal.

It is often said that while men only live for a short time, a legend never truly dies. While Yogi Berra lived a long, full life, his legend has taken on a life of its own that will continue well into the future. Berra, a famous baseball player, coach and manager, was laid to rest in September in an urn from In The Light Urns that is a perfect symbol for the man in life.

Yogi Berra The Man Behind the Plate

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra got his start in baseball much like other legends did, with a love of the game that surpassed all else. After dropping out of school in the eighth grade, he found his way through the American Legion baseball teams and got his chance to join the major leagues at the tender age of 17. He earned the nickname “Yogi” from friends in the American Legion who thought that he looked like a Hindu Yogi as he sat behind the plate as catcher. After he signed with the New York Yankees, he took a break to serve in the U.S. Navy during World War II. At the war’s conclusion, he formally began a long career in baseball that is unrivaled in many ways, even today.

In Berra’s time with the Yankees, he was a part of many championship years. In fact, of his 19 years in the major leagues, he was an All-Star 18 times and World Series champion 10 seasons. He was voted Most Valuable Player of the American League three times. Many consider him to be the best catcher in Major League Baseball history. After he retired, he took a new career as coach and manager for the Yankees and the Mets. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

The Legend Writ

After Berra retired from playing baseball in 1963, his life in the limelight had hardly dimmed. The man became a legend known as much for his personality as his powerful ability to hit the ball. When he died in September at the age of 90, USA Today published a number of his most famous phrases. Berra had a way of expressing himself in terms that were at once evocative, comical, unique and wise. In fact, Berra’s personality was so enigmatic that many of the sayings that are generally attributed to him may not actually be something he said. There is one, however, that is genuine and acts as a true representation of the man, the myth and the legend that people worldwide are so pleased to remember:

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

This sentence, said by Berra when he was the coach of the Mets, was intended to provide his team with necessary support for them to come back and snatch the division title from the Chicago Cubs in 1973. It is recalled today as a part of the quintessential American lexicon, a symbol of the American drive to endure.

The urn

It makes perfect sense that Berra’s family and loved ones should think to put this commentary on Berra’s urn when he died. In The Light Urns was delighted when Berra’s family selected an urn from the company’s wide variety of sports-themed urns for ashes. The Baseball or Softball Mitt Cremation Urn is a simple yet elegant design. The urn itself is made of hardwood, stained to resemble a Louisville Slugger and made by a local Navy veteran, and wood craftsman Dave M. It measures 9.5” tall, 10.5” wide and 6.5” deep and holds up to 250 cubic inches of cremated remains. On top of the urn sits a bronze mitt, just large enough to hold a baseball or softball, based on the buyer’s preference. One imagines that Berra’s final rest is with one of the balls he was so famous for hitting in the strike zone, or one of the thousands he caught. The urn has a brushed brass nameplate for up to four lines of engraving. On Berra’s urn, the engraving is simple: “It’s over.” The man may be gone, but his legend will never die.

Yogi Berra's Cremation Urn

A Fitting Tribute

This choice of cremation urn is such an ideal tribute to Yogi Berra. For a man who was so much larger than life, he was also simple, down-to-earth and easy to know. The urn itself is also basic without being plain, largely unadorned with unnecessary decoration. It represents the dedication from In The Light Urns to create urns that work for anyone, regardless of personality. While some deserve urns that are out there in style or impression, others wish for a symbol that does not overstate. Berra does not need an urn that makes him seem bigger or more significant. He was who he was, and that is more than enough. He is a reminder of a different time in American history, one that requires no adornment. Instead, all that is left is simple truth and wisdom for the ages.

Memories For All Time

Now that Berra has officially passed into the world of baseball legend, he leaves behind a collection of memories that cannot be undone by the spread of time. When people pass into the next life, they do the same. Loved ones can mourn the loss of a friend or family member, but they will never forget. This is the goal of a cremation urn, to provide families with a perfect tribute to the person who died. In The Light Urns aims to offer the widest variety of choices in urns, from simple and traditional to whimsical and delightful. Families feel like they are given the greatest options for urns that suit their loved ones best, with a customer support environment that is always helpful.

When people lose loved ones, they look for urns that fit the person as they were in life. It seems an obvious choice that Yogi Berra, a good, strong man who was such a character, should be buried in solid, unchanging oak. It shows that not all people necessarily need a fantastic burial. Sometimes it is the traditional, the simple, the beautiful that turns a wonderful life into a legend.

Yogi Berra's Funeral
Tim Berra left the Church of the Immaculate Conception with the ashes of his father. Credit Alex Goodlett for The New York Times

Al Agnew and In The Light Urns have one big thing in common: they both seek to represent a life in a work of art. This is not a particularly simple task, which takes Agnew to the ends of the earth to study his muse and prompts In The Light Urns to continually innovate in search of the best urn designs for customers. The company is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Agnew so that many of his delightful prints may be featured in several different lines of handcrafted urns available for purchase. Agnew’s work as an artist and nature conservator allow customers to know that they are getting the right choice in an urn for their loved ones, while they support someone with such artistic and ethical integrity.

Al_Agnew_Home_pageWho is Al Agnew?
Decades ago, Al Agnew realized that his passion for nature and for art should come together into a productive career. As a youth, he had spent his days in the rivers and hills of the Missouri Ozarks. There he became an expert fisherman, and he also developed his passion for the art present in nature. His art seeks to bring the beauty he finds all over the world to his patrons. From the grasslands of the Serengeti to the glaciers of Alaska, Agnew has taken images from life and made artwork that seems to leap from the canvas.

Agnew’s work has been featured in international art exhibits for many years. Although Agnew is known by many for his work designing 125 covers for Bass Pro Shops, he also likes to paint mammals such as bears and cats, and also predatory birds. His travels have given him the depth of observation and experience that lend his oil paintings an accuracy that is almost eerily real. Armed with a camera and sometimes also a fishing rod, Agnew captures life as it is happening and preserves it for eternity.

The Nature Conservationist
Agnew is also renowned for his efforts as a nature conservationist. He uses his artwork as a means to raise millions of dollars in funds for many different conservation organizations, including the Black Bass Foundation and the Wolf Recovery Project. Agnew feels that in order to understand his subjects, he must spend a lot of time in their habitats, to get a true sense of the way they live. With this experience has come his awareness of the need for human advocacy to protect these lives. His work is frequently featured at art shows designed to promote awareness and fundraising efforts for various wildlife-related organizations.

Memories Kept Alive
The license that In The Light Urns has arranged with Agnew allows reproductions of his work to be put on certain types of urns. People who have a serious commitment to the health and happiness of North American or African wildlife might delight in having their ashes placed in an urn that demonstrated their love of the natural world. Someone who spent a lifetime in the mountains, observing deer or hawks would appreciate an urn showing a family of deer on a mountainous hillside. When selecting a cremation urn, families often look for a way to represent their loved ones’ interests. Choosing an urn with a mountain lion poised to pounce might be the perfect way to memorialize their grief for a cat-lover. Loved ones might be gratified to be reminded that their fisherman has gone on to a much bigger river.

Current Possibilities
In The Light Urns offers many different types of urns for ashes that feature an illustration. The Keep the Memory® Wood Urn Series and the Journey of Love® Urn Series are two examples of image-based urns that may soon feature some of Agnew’s fantastic and lifelike prints. The Keep the Memory® urns are 200 cubic inches, intended for adults or children. They measure 11.5” wide, 7” tall and 7.5” deep. The urn itself is made from quality birch with a lovely dark rosewood finish. The print is in full color and offers up to four lines of engraving for an additional charge. The Journey of Love® urns for ashes are 240 cubic inches, 10” tall, 7.5” wide and 9.5” deep. The urn is handcrafted from solid walnut and built into a platform that features a faux candle that flickers as a reminder of the family’s loss, and up to three lines of engraving. Other urn series may also eventually display prints of Agnew’s animal and nature art.


Improved Choices for Families
For families, choosing an urn is a highly personal decision. Cremation urns must display all the right characteristics of their loved ones. This means that increased variety just increases the likelihood that bereaved family members will find the perfect urn to memorialize the one who passed. In The Light Urns understands that people are as different as the colored scales on a bass. With this licensing agreement with Al Agnew, In The Light Urns reaffirms its dedication to total customer satisfaction. With a combination of craftsmanship unparalleled in quality, an image that serves as a pleasant reminder of days gone by and a commitment to a wonderful customer experience, In The Light Urns creates the most supportive environment for people.

A license for In The Light Urns to use Al Agnew’s work in many different styles of urns feels like a match made in heaven. Customers get the variety in urn options that they deserve, and they also get to support an artist who promotes the survival of such worthy causes. Selecting the perfect urn has never felt so alive.

989974_lLosing a loved one is one of the hardest things people will have to do in their lives. These ideas help to assist families through the final weeks, prepare for final services, and manage their grief.

Preparing to Fulfill a Loved One’s Wishes

Death is one of the most difficult subjects to discuss, even among close family members and friends. And yet, this conversation must happen, in order for families to know what a loved one wants to happen after they die. According to The Conversation Project, a program dedicated to helping families start the discussion about end-of-life care, 82 percent of people say that they want to put their wishes in writing, but only 23 percent actually do. This means that in most cases, families rely on what their loved ones said they wanted.

Why does this happen? Thinking about one’s own death is troubling, but imagining living without a beloved family member or friend can sometimes be even harder. This underscores the importance of adult children asking their aging parents about their final wishes, and encouraging them to start the process of pre-planning for funeral or memorial services. Opening up the discussion often takes the pressure off the people who are planning for themselves, because they do not have to worry about starting an unhappy conversation or process. It also allows family members to convey their love and respect before it is too late.

Understanding the Process of Death

While many people think that watching someone die represents a relatively short period of time, it can last weeks or even months. The process of natural death is very gradual, and involves the shutting down of all the body’s processes. It can be very uncomfortable for loved ones to sit by while a person discontinues eating and drinking, talking and even breathing. However, they should remember that natural death is an experience that most people go through, toward an end that everyone must accept. Staying with a person, arranging for various people to provide around-the-clock attendance, as well as palliative or hospice care in the final weeks and months are ways that family members can lower their stress as they wait.

Finding Closure

As a family member or friend approaches death, those standing by should take an opportunity to say the things they have always wanted to say. Regret is a powerful emotion, one that can last for years or even decades after. As such, people should speak gently but plainly, allowing the dying person to respond in kind. There is no particular form that this conversation should take. If talking about someone’s imminent demise is too frightening or saddening, family members might enjoy simply sharing a favorite memory, or something that they will always remember of their loved ones.

Taking Time to Grieve

After a loved one dies, people are sometimes unsure how to feel. If the death was a long, lingering affair, they may feel a rush of energy and satisfaction, knowing that the person’s suffering is finally over. The important thing to remember, however, is that everyone grieves in a different way, and that everyone’s expression of sorrow is valid. Decades ago, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote about the five stages of grief that most people go through. However, this experience plays out in many different ways. Some say that grief is like a roller coaster, where the grieving person may feel many conflicting emotions throughout the day, or even at the same time.

Giving adequate room for grief is also vital to a person’s well-being. This is something that can be prepared somewhat prior to a loved one’s death. If the dying person is a close family member or friend, those who are grieving may not feel able to go back to work or school right away. They can make arrangements ahead of time so that they do not feel the pressure to ask for accommodations while they are also coping with the loss.

Helping Others Cope

Grief is a family affair, which means that family members and friends need to come together to share their experience, as a means to help everyone start the healing process. This gives people an important opportunity to see how others are doing. Someone who is having a hard time coping may need extra care, in the form of phone calls or visits, arrangements to care for the home and provide meals, as well as gentle encouragement to seek professional help when necessary. More than anything, the validation of grief and the incentive to talk about it can assist people in getting back to their normal activities.

Offering Remembrance

Sweetheart Silver Keepsake Bracelet Urn

After fulfilling a loved one’s final wishes, families want to have a way to properly remember the person’s life and their own profound sense of loss. This can be done in a number of ways, such as a lovely scattering ceremony with an accompanying urn, keepsake jewelry or ornaments, or an engraved urn with a picture. Remembrance is a highly personal concept, and there are many unique or custom options available for families to select.

Watching a person die is extremely difficult, but there are ways to make the experience easier. By finding closure, learning and carrying out final wishes, and taking the time to grieve, families can start the healing process.