Exciting New Printing Technique Allows Textured Printing on Almost Any Material

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People looking for urns and keepsakes to hold the ashes of their loved ones sometimes feel stuck in their search. They often think that they cannot find the representation that fits just perfectly. This is why we at In The Light Urns are constantly innovating, looking for new techniques that will delight customers and create a more appropriate reminder of times gone by. A new development in printing creates the ability to print on materials that would not sustain printing before, two-dimensional or with texture for those who desire it. Check out these new selections, with more to be available soon.

Personalized Cremation Jewelry

It is one thing to place a printed photo into a photo urn, or into a locket. It is an entirely different matter to attempt to print a picture directly onto a piece of jewelry or other material. A printed picture that is attached to steel or placed in a locket may become lost or be too small to see clearly. Technology is radically improving in this arena, which allows manufacturers to print directly onto wood, metals and other materials that previously would not retain the ink. This development dramatically expands the world of available customization for urns for ashes, cremation jewelry and other memorial products. Imagine a lovely pendant with a steel chain that prominently features a picture of a loved one in either color or black and white. The pendant serves as a keepsake urn, and holds 0.25 cubic inches of ashes. It becomes a lasting memento that allows those who are grieving to keep their loved ones close to their hearts.

Urns for Ashes in 3-D Relief

Printing on unique media is only the beginning of this particular feature offered to customers. People who long to have pictures be more than simply two-dimensional may be pleased by the option to have an image printed in relief, effectively in textured 3-D. Many families like to have urns that have a texture, a specific feel to them. This new printing technique permits pictures, numbers and other images to be printed on many different kinds of materials in relief. This may help those who are visually-impaired read numbers or letters, and may just add a layer of personalization for those who want something that really stands out.

Custom Keepsake Urns

Many urns that people buy are not particularly customized until they are printed. It is in the printing that families feel like the urn is truly designed to hold their loved ones’ earthly remains. Consider this pink scallop keepsake urn, with a lovely image and printing beneath. It holds up to four cubic inches of ashes, and can support up to two lines of printing. Relief printing allows the lines of text to be textured, for greater visibility. The photo may now be printed directly onto different materials, improving its overall beauty.

More Options Available

Keepsake urns and jewelry are the first options available using this printing technique. They are widely available for order directly from the website. However, we encourage customers to use this capability as a jumping-off point to dream up the perfect personalized urn, keepsake urn or cremation jewelry that would be ideal for their families. Thinking of a glass urn with a picture or relief printing of a person’s name and a loving message? Want a marble urn with a beautiful image printed directly on stone? Contact us with your ideas and your unique preferences. We may be able to give you exactly what you wanted.

When people die, their memories are never very far away. Families want to display their remembrance of loved ones who have passed through urns for ashes, cremation jewelry and keepsake urns. However, they have struggled to make these memorials truly custom. At In The Light Urns, we never forget this fact, and work to offer choices that are more unique than any other urns in the industry. With our new printing system, jewelry and urns have never been more personalized, with options available to satisfy any taste.

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