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Fantasy Urn Collection Displays Art From Anne Stokes

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Life is fleeting, like the brush of faerie wings against a dewy, moss-covered tree. Anne Stokes, artist of the fantastic and imaginary, uses the living world to take those who are not living and show the world how they could be. In The Light Urns aims to feature an appropriate memorial for loved ones who days on Earth have passed. With a license to show Stokes’ work in urns, the company reaffirms a commitment to giving customers the greatest possible variety in honoring their loved ones. Paintings from the skilled artist Stokes are a perfect complement to several lines of urns from In The Light Urns.

Who is Anne Stokes?

Anne StokesAnne Stokes is a masterful designer and artist from the United Kingdom who specializes in gothic and fantasy designs. Originally from London, she got her start designing merchandise. With a realization of her unique gift, she became a freelance illustrator who was able to license her work for books and records. Stokes’ style is quite enigmatic, with plenty of color in her designs, which range from undeniably dark to quite heavenly. Her work has been featured in T-shirts, posters, calendars, collectible card games and an almost unimaginable variety of other media.

Stokes aims to bring images that feel like they belong in dreams entirely to life. Her design process starts with a rough drawing in which she shows how the painting should eventually appear. She gradually adds definition, color and shading. The final result demonstrates bold color and chiaroscuro, the change from dark to light without much transition, as good as Caravaggio ever did. Stokes prefers to place her emphasis on the face, as the subject’s expression is what she believes is most likely to catch the viewer’s eye.

Inspiration From Life

Stokes says that she likes to take a small digital camera wherever she goes to take pictures of things in nature that interest her. She once snapped a picture of tree branches that crossed together in an unusual star pattern. This picture inspired her forest pentagram dragon painting, a depiction of a pentagram made from tied branches with a dragon sitting perched in the center. While her work may seem whimsical, there is amazingly careful attention to line and detail. No matter what common themes she selects for each work, she always tries to add something new or a unique detail that did not exist before.

Remembering a Fantastic Person

In Stokes’ works, she is accustomed to taking beings that do not exist in the natural world and giving them lives of their own. In The Light Urns expects that the addition of Stokes’ paintings to the existing selection will provide the perfect touch of fantasy for the person who loved science fiction or fantasy in books, films, games and more. The gothic religious loved one might like an urn with Gothic Prayer quietly displayed. A strong, confident, powerful woman could be remembered by The Avenger, while a lover of dragons, metal music and guitars would appreciate Power Chord, a mixture of fantasy, weaponry and music. Stokes provides options for more conventional choices, as well. For example, Enchanted Pool might be the ideal choice for fans of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

Upcoming Selections

There are many cremation urns available with In The Light Urns that show a beautiful illustration on the front. The Journey of Love® Urn Series and the Keep the Memory® Wood Urn Series will soon offer several delightful prints from Anne Stokes’ collection of fantasy works. Each urn is made of solid wood with a full-color print for display, and they are appropriate for either adults or children. The Journey of Love® urns measure 10” tall, 7.5” wide and 9.5” deep, holding as much as 240 cubic inches of adults. They are carefully constructed from deep walnut with a platform that holds a battery-operated candle that really flickers. This upright urn offers up to three lines of personal engraving. The Keep the Memory® urns are made from solid birch with a striking rosewood finish. Measuring 11.5” wide, 7” tall and 7.5” deep, these urns for ashes will hold as much as 200 cubic inches of ashes, and can support up to four lines of engraving on each urn. Eventually, In The Light Urns may feature more of Stokes’ angels, faeries and more in other urn series.

Fantasy Art Cremation Urn

Spirit Guide by Anne Stokes

Spirit Guide Anne Stokes


Increasing Variety for Customers

No business will survive without paying attention to its customers’ needs. In The Light Urns understands how important it is to buyers that they are able to choose exactly the right cremation urns to represent their loved ones. This means that improved variety and continual innovation are crucial for complete client satisfaction. In The Light Urns strives to provide the ultimate customer experience for families. They will always feel like their needs are met in a considerate, supportive environment. Each person’s choice is as varied as the stones on an ancient castle wall. By adding the works of Anne Stokes to the choices customers have for urns featuring illustrations, In The Light Urns ensures that visitors to the site will continue to delight in the options they have for this unique decision.

The angels are singing and the dragons are flying high to signify their approval of In The Light Urns licensing Anne Stokes’ paintings for use in several different types of urns. Families get to memorialize their loved ones in a more unique way, and a little part of the person who has passed becomes immortal.


  1. Medina Rhew Reply

    We would like an urn with a pentagram on it In deep green .My daughter’s husband committed suicide 2 weeks ago. Only 25 with 2 small boys.They are wiccan. We can’t find what she wants. Perhaps you can help Thank you, Medina Rhew.

    • Hi Medina,

      If you still have not found what you are looking for please call us at 1-800-757-3488 and one of our customer service representatives can help you with placing a custom urn order.

      Best regards,
      In The Light Urns

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