For Measuring the Timelessness of Remembrance, Nothing is Better Than an Hourglass

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There are times when only the best will do. That is why we at In The Light Urns are proud to re-introduce our Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake urns. We know that you have a lot of choices for wood urns, especially from our extensive selection. We seek to continually surprise and delight our customers with interesting choices that are symbolic and truly representative of the loved ones they lost. With this line of urns, you can keep a portion of your loved one’s ashes in a stylish container that features top-of-the-line construction and customization options. This line of urns for ashes is truly a design for the ages.

Selecting Keepsake Urns
At In The Light Urns, we understand that the process of selecting urns for ashes can be difficult. You are going through the grieving process, and having to plan memorial services detracts from your ability to rest and reflect. Many of our customers decide that one urn is simply not enough. Some keepsake urns, such as the Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake Urns series, are not designed to hold all the cremated remains of a fully-grown adult. Rather, they only hold a portion of the remains. This gives you the freedom to make choices you might not otherwise make. If your loved one wanted to have a portion of ashes scattered or buried in a wonderful location, you could save the remaining ashes for one of these lovely wood urns. The options available make it a simple choice for sharing the ashes among other family members, as well.

Timeless Beauty
It is perhaps a little paradoxical that an hourglass, something that shows the passage of time, should be so timeless in design. While our cremation urns in this style are not intended to function as a real hourglass, the sentiment is clear. You can turn the urns to the opposite side and watch the remains, safely held in glass, fall gracefully to the bottom. This gives you an excellent opportunity to relax from the busy day and remember your loved one.

There are three specific styles in the Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake urns line, each with its own unique design. All three are 10” tall and about 6” wide. For a simple look, you can select the Rings of Time Hourglass Keepsake Urn. This urn features three smooth pillars, a top and a base, all made from a lovely solid hardwood. If you crave a little more character in the urn, choose the Forever Treasured Hourglass Keepsake Urn. This urn has a whimsical design turned into the pillars, to catch the eye and engage you. Similar to this second choice, the Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake Urn provides the same lovely style as the Forever Treasured urn, with a pleasant cherry stain on the wood.

Custom Options
At In The Light Urns, we work to ensure that you get a custom urn that feels uniquely your own. For this line of cremation urns, we offer a variety of customization services. We know that you want a way to memorialize your loved one in this cremation urn. Make sure others can read your message clearly with custom engraving that we do in-house. You can select from block or fancy script. On some models, you can choose between an ivory color fill and a yellow color fill. We are pleased to note that additional engraving options do not slow the shipping process. Since we do all of our engraving on-site, you do not have to wait for us to receive the urn from another business before we ship it directly to you. When your hourglass urn arrives, you will find simple instructions to help you fill the glass with ashes and seal it for all the years to come.

When you need to buy an urn for a loved one who has passed on, you have some choices to make. Luckily, we have re-introduced one of our most popular lines of urns for ashes, the Lifetime Hourglass Keepsake urns. Select from one of these three wood keepsake urns, and add a few lines of custom engraving. Remember that your memories will last you the rest of your life. With one of these whimsical urns, you can be reminded of the passage of time, and the wonderful years you spent with your loved one.


  1. My son would’ve been 36 last year and I am having trouble trying to figure out what to get for him I need a urn that is nice but not rediculusslying expensive can you give me some Advice Thankyou

    • Hello Tanya,

      Have you had a chance to look through our cremation urn collections at We have anything from cremation keepsakes, urns, and jewelry for ashes. Use coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off your order.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Susan Fraser

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