What Are You Thankful For?

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We at In the Light Urns are reflecting on our friends and family, those that are with us and those who have passed. While thanksgiving is a special time for all of us to be thankful for those in our lives, those who are gone, who hold a special place in our heart and minds at our table.

what are you thankful for

That table holds memories of holidays past, that we have spent together. Starting as children we are young and our experiences may not have included losing those we love, but as we grow older we find year after year those we love, young and old have taken their place in the history of life, and have moved on. While this life cycle has brought us pain at the time of our loss, we often find comfort in the fact that life continues to bring us new ones to love, children, grand-children, friends and many more.

The cycle of life is a wonderful thing to contemplate and to feel comforted by in our life. Knowing that a purpose and plan is in place, can help us to accept grief and gain an appreciation for the gifts of new friends and family that join us.

We hope that during this holiday season, all of you, can find comfort and joy in the lives around you along with the happiness that touches us all, when we think of those we love.

Happy thanksgiving to all,

From In the Light Urns.

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  1. We are so thankful for our incredible employees for their consistent dedication focused to detail work for delivering custom urn products to our customers around the world. We all strive to do good and to live up to the expectation of our customers as we have to also remember to take care of those that deliver, those that work at In The Light Urns.

    Thank You

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