Urns Feature Artwork from Renowned Artist and Nature Advocate Al Agnew

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Al Agnew and In The Light Urns have one big thing in common: they both seek to represent a life in a work of art. This is not a particularly simple task, which takes Agnew to the ends of the earth to study his muse and prompts In The Light Urns to continually innovate in search of the best urn designs for customers. The company is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Agnew so that many of his delightful prints may be featured in several different lines of handcrafted urns available for purchase. Agnew’s work as an artist and nature conservator allow customers to know that they are getting the right choice in an urn for their loved ones, while they support someone with such artistic and ethical integrity.

Al_Agnew_Home_pageWho is Al Agnew?
Decades ago, Al Agnew realized that his passion for nature and for art should come together into a productive career. As a youth, he had spent his days in the rivers and hills of the Missouri Ozarks. There he became an expert fisherman, and he also developed his passion for the art present in nature. His art seeks to bring the beauty he finds all over the world to his patrons. From the grasslands of the Serengeti to the glaciers of Alaska, Agnew has taken images from life and made artwork that seems to leap from the canvas.

Agnew’s work has been featured in international art exhibits for many years. Although Agnew is known by many for his work designing 125 covers for Bass Pro Shops, he also likes to paint mammals such as bears and cats, and also predatory birds. His travels have given him the depth of observation and experience that lend his oil paintings an accuracy that is almost eerily real. Armed with a camera and sometimes also a fishing rod, Agnew captures life as it is happening and preserves it for eternity.

The Nature Conservationist
Agnew is also renowned for his efforts as a nature conservationist. He uses his artwork as a means to raise millions of dollars in funds for many different conservation organizations, including the Black Bass Foundation and the Wolf Recovery Project. Agnew feels that in order to understand his subjects, he must spend a lot of time in their habitats, to get a true sense of the way they live. With this experience has come his awareness of the need for human advocacy to protect these lives. His work is frequently featured at art shows designed to promote awareness and fundraising efforts for various wildlife-related organizations.

Memories Kept Alive
The license that In The Light Urns has arranged with Agnew allows reproductions of his work to be put on certain types of urns. People who have a serious commitment to the health and happiness of North American or African wildlife might delight in having their ashes placed in an urn that demonstrated their love of the natural world. Someone who spent a lifetime in the mountains, observing deer or hawks would appreciate an urn showing a family of deer on a mountainous hillside. When selecting a cremation urn, families often look for a way to represent their loved ones’ interests. Choosing an urn with a mountain lion poised to pounce might be the perfect way to memorialize their grief for a cat-lover. Loved ones might be gratified to be reminded that their fisherman has gone on to a much bigger river.

Current Possibilities
In The Light Urns offers many different types of urns for ashes that feature an illustration. The Keep the Memory® Wood Urn Series and the Journey of Love® Urn Series are two examples of image-based urns that may soon feature some of Agnew’s fantastic and lifelike prints. The Keep the Memory® urns are 200 cubic inches, intended for adults or children. They measure 11.5” wide, 7” tall and 7.5” deep. The urn itself is made from quality birch with a lovely dark rosewood finish. The print is in full color and offers up to four lines of engraving for an additional charge. The Journey of Love® urns for ashes are 240 cubic inches, 10” tall, 7.5” wide and 9.5” deep. The urn is handcrafted from solid walnut and built into a platform that features a faux candle that flickers as a reminder of the family’s loss, and up to three lines of engraving. Other urn series may also eventually display prints of Agnew’s animal and nature art.


Improved Choices for Families
For families, choosing an urn is a highly personal decision. Cremation urns must display all the right characteristics of their loved ones. This means that increased variety just increases the likelihood that bereaved family members will find the perfect urn to memorialize the one who passed. In The Light Urns understands that people are as different as the colored scales on a bass. With this licensing agreement with Al Agnew, In The Light Urns reaffirms its dedication to total customer satisfaction. With a combination of craftsmanship unparalleled in quality, an image that serves as a pleasant reminder of days gone by and a commitment to a wonderful customer experience, In The Light Urns creates the most supportive environment for people.

A license for In The Light Urns to use Al Agnew’s work in many different styles of urns feels like a match made in heaven. Customers get the variety in urn options that they deserve, and they also get to support an artist who promotes the survival of such worthy causes. Selecting the perfect urn has never felt so alive.

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