Brass Cremation Urns



In The Light Urns specializes in a variety of beautiful cremation vase styles, some of the most popular of which can be found in the brass collection. Individuals who have the difficult task of purchasing a funeral urn for a deceased friend or loved one might want to give to consider a brass cremation urn. Providing sturdy and timeless urns to the public since 2001, In The Light Urns features a vast selection of unique brass cremation urns at reasonable prices. Most brass cremation urns are made in India. Each is always hand made and so each cremation urn is a unique piece. Many brass cremation urns come in velvet boxes and some of our keepsakes come in a velvet heart shaped box.

In The Light Urns is host to a vast selection of brass cremation urns of all different shapes, sizes and styles. Take, for instance, the Brass Mother of Pearl Urn. Made entirely by hand, the Brass Mother of Pearl Urn measures approximately 10 ½ by 7 ½ inches and serves as a beautiful memorial you can keep close to the heart.

Individuals whose aesthetics favor the linear often find the Dynasty SilverGold Rectangle Urn a perfect choice. This beautiful urn measures approximately 9 by 7 inches in size and is constructed entirely of brass. Intricate etchings on the sides of the box (as well as two-tone gold and silver coloring) make this product both classic and unique. The Dynasty SilverGold Rectangle Urn can either be sold by itself or paired with a matching keepsake urn with a velvet heart case.

Another group of excellent brass cremation urns offered by In The Lights Urns is the Classic Companion Urns with Heart Base Urns which hold two loved ones. What makes this product unique is the fact that it is a set. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars reserving a costly lot in a cemetery, couples who want to spend eternity side by side need only purchase the Classic Bronze Companion set.