Custom Cremation Urns | Engraved and Personalized Urns

Does it cost more for a Custom Urn?

We consider all our urns custom, because engraving and personal contact with our customers allows us to make the urns just as requested. We also do custom engraving at no extra charge. Just tell us what you would like and we will do our best to create the perfect custom urn, keepsake or memorial card for your loved one. Call for further assistance 7 days a weeks at 800-757-3488.

The Cremation Urns below are all customized urns in one way or another. We create these in-house, and have been offering Custom Urns for thousands of families for 14 years. Quality and beautiful memorials at affordable prices, is what we continue offer at In The Light Urns.




Do you have an urn idea?

We have made thousands of customs urns for people, in the over, 12 years that In The Light Urns has been creating urns with details about what they would like. Above are some of the urns that we offer every day. But we can make anything you like, just ask. We also offer all possible engraving in this industry, and have been able to offer the best engraving available on wood, marble, brass, and paper, plus brass and pewter plates of any kind and personalize jewelry for our customers.



A recent client's response to receiving her custom wood urn, here at In The Light Urns.

"When I walked into the room the day of my parents Memorial Service I was absolutely speechless. When I viewed their urn up close the writing was dominant and the picture faint. When I saw it from a distance the picture looked like it was glowing and my parents were right there with us. I could not of asked for anything to be so unbelievable. It was just perfect!"

Keep The Memory™ Custom Urn Request

This is image was sent to us by a customer, that wanted a custom urn made for her husband on his beloved motorcycle. Here is the result of the custom work we did with her image. We were able to make an beautiful full color imprint for an Keep The Memory™; Custom Urn for her husband Alan.

Custom Urn made from a Customer's Image

Custom Funeral Cards and Custom Keychain keepsakes can be made from your loved ones image too, and can be purchased separately.
Custom Funeral Cards Key Chains

   Recent Custom Urn Request:

Bucky Moore - Another customer who is very much alive - a Railroad man from Kansas City, asked us the make a Keep The Memory™; Urn with several images of himself through his career as a Railroad Man. Here is what we made for him, he was so happy, be bought 2 more!

Custom Urn made from a Customer's Image

   Recent Custom Urn Request:

"My husband was a beer drinker and we are hoping to have an urn in the shape of a beer can."

   Bottle Urn - Custom Soda & Beer Requests

Many popular custom cremation urns are made of wood. These wood urns are affordable and are personalized for your loved one. The Beer & Soda Bottle Urns are very popular. We made this Diet-Coke Bottle Urn for a family's who's mom loved Diet Coke. We got the urn to them by Christmas so they could give it to their Grandmother. We also make a Soda or Beer Can Urn and have found that people really like the shape, personalization and inexpensive price tag.

Custom Bottle Urn

Custom cremation urns bring out a personalization like no other urn can. Customized cremation urns can be made by engraving a photo of your loved ones on the surface of a wood or marble urn. We have quality craftsmen who are making personalized custom cremation urns everyday.

We have also provided unique urns such as vintage cars, as well as trucks and planes. We have made a shoe box urn, a tennis ball urn, even an urn in the shape of a flower. In The Light Urns can find what you need, call and ask.

We have been offering other beautiful wood urns, like the Bible Book Walnut Urn for years. These wood urns are made in the USA and are engravable on a plate or into the wood. People have had many questions over the years about religion and cremation. Here we offer answers to questions about Memorial for a Catholic Loved One. Here you will find urns for All Religions.

   Custom or Unique Sports Urns

What makes these cremation urns special? Unique and custom urns are one-of-a-kind and personalized. People who have enjoyed sports such as football, baseball, hockey, soccer, or golf can get an urn to reflect the sports they enjoyed. Even motorcycle or horseback enthusiasts can have a custom cremation urn to reflect this part of their lives.

Wooden Soccer Ball Urn Wooden Soccer Ball Urn

"We are looking for an urn for my Grandfather that would have an old steam train on in, can you make an urn like that?"

"Can you make an ashtray urn, we are all smokers and would love to each have one."

"My mother loved clowns, can you make an urn in the shape of a clown."

"We want an urn in the shape of a China Takeout Box, with Made in China on the bottom, can you do that? My Mom would be so happy if she could see this before she passes."

   Hourglass Keepsake Urns with Custom Engraving

Our Lifetime Hourglass Urns were shown on the Today Show, people really like the heirloom quality of this keepsake. We have had many wonderful comments and customers so please to get one for their loved one. This urn has been requested more than once from a person who was passing and wanted their closest family member to have this remembrance of them.

Hourglass keepsake Urn

We have originally manufactured many of the urns that you will see on-line today. Such as the bullet and shotgun shell pendants for those who served their country, who was in law enforcement or enjoyed hunting and shooting, have had their family and friends remember them with these keepsakes. The Rosary keepsake, as well as the Teddy Bears urns, were unusual and custom then, are common place now.

   Peaceful Petal® Flower Water Burial Urns in a Double Ceremony

Our Peaceful Petal® Flower Water Burial Urn are shown here in a double ceremony in the summer of 2013, the family was so happy with the urns and their experience that they sent us some images and video of their Celebration of Life event. A lovely family and we want to thank them again, for their generosity.

Peaceful Petal® Flower Water Burial Urn

What is important is the amount the person weighted when they passed, so the urn can be made in the correct size or area of cubic inches. Also, the price range your family is looking for. We in turn look for a custom cremation urn that will be long lasting and offer a beautiful presentation.

We hope our custom urns help in the grieving and healing process of losing a love one. We do believe that the creation of a custom, personalized urn often lightens the pain of the loss. For more information about custom urns or any type of photo urns, please contact our knowledgeable staff directly at (800) 757-3488.