Custom Air Brush Motorcycle Gas Tank Cremation Urns

Any Custom Motorcycle Gas Tank Design Can Be Made


Custom Gas Tank Urn ShapeCustom Gas Tank Urn Shape

Custom Heavens Gates UrnCustom Heavens Gates Urn

Celtic Cross Tank Designed UrnCeltic Cross Tank Designed Urn

Police Officer Motorcycle UrnPolice Officer Motorcycle Urn

Poker Motorcycle Tank UrnPoker Motorcycle Tank Urn

Custom Horse Tank UrnCustom Horse Tank Urn

Wolf & Moon Motorcycle UrnWolf & Moon Motorcycle Urn

Harley Davidson Super Hero UrnHarley Davidson Super Hero Urn

Suzuki Motorcycle UrnSuzuki Motorcycle Urn

Eagle Air Brush Tank UrnEagle Air Brush Tank Urn

Harley Davidson Eagle UrnHarley Davidson Eagle Urn

Wolves Gas Tank UrnWolves Gas Tank Urn

Blade Tribal Designed UrnBlade Tribal Designed Urn

Dinosaur Blade Tank UrnDinosaur Blade Tank Urn

Blue Flame Skull UrnBlue Flame Skull Urn

Tribute Ribbon Eagle UrnTribute Ribbon Eagle Urn

Custom Eagle Mountain UrnCustom Eagle Mountain Urn

Dream Catcher Harley Davidson UrnDream Catcher Harley Davidson Urn

Custom Dragon Tank UrnCustom Dragon Tank Urn

Vampire Skull Tank UrnVampire Skull Tank Urn

Woman, Waterfall & Dog Urn Woman, Waterfall & Dog Urn

Custom RIP Graveyard UrnCustom RIP Graveyard Urn

East Coast Irish UrnEast Coast Irish Urn

Harley Davidson Eagle UrnHarley Davidson Eagle Urn

Green Knight Custom UrnGreen Knight Custom Urn

Custom German Sheppard Tank UrnCustom German Sheppard Tank Urn

Custom NYC, Woman & Dog UrnCustom NYC, Woman & Dog Urn

Custom Castle Cremation UrnCustom Castle Cremation Urn

Custom Graveyard Storm UrnCustom Graveyard Storm Urn

Iron Maiden Custom UrnIron Maiden Custom Urn

Red Pin Stripe Custom UrnRed Pin Stripe Custom Urn

Fallen Officer Cremation UrnFallen Officer Cremation Urn

Custom Japanese Cobra UrnCustom Japanese Cobra Urn

Native American Brave UrnNative American Brave Urn

Native American Brave Woman UrnNative American Brave Woman Urn

Custom Blue Flame UrnCustom Blue Flame Urn

Custom Motorcycle Gas
Tank Cremation Urn Replicas
Can Hold Two People

Example of Engraving:

In Loving Memory
Brian L. Stanton
May 17, 1953 - June 4, 2013
Loving Husband & Father

In Loving Memory
Shirley L. Stanton
July 19, 1956 - (leave open)
Loving Wife & Mother

Custom Motorcycle Urns can be customized with any design you like. Our urns are new tank urns made just for the purpose of holding ashes and they are painted in red, black or silver. As you can see from our examples above our air brush artists can create whatever you and your loved one would like, in the motorcycle gas tank urn replica.

These urns hold two people so you and your loved one, can have a single custom made for you both, and save. Besides the air brush painting, our artists can also paint a personalized engraving.

Call In the Light Urns today with your urn request at 800-757-3488. We guarantee that you will love the urn that is made for you or your loved one.

To see the Gas Tank Urns that we customize, click the link, they are on the top row, plus see all our other Motorcycle Truck & Car Urns