Buffalo Dream Catcher Keepsake Urn


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The Buffalo Dream Catcher Keepsake Urn are exceptionally unique pieces, made in the USA by Native Americans and non-Native Americans.

Legend speaks to us of the Dream Catcher, as each is made with prayer and good thoughts. Legend says that bad spirit dreams will get caught in the web and held fast and then disappear as the dew evaporates in the morning. However, the good spirit dreams and visions will find their way to the center and will float down the sacred spirit feathers to bless the sleeping one with pleasant dreams.

This Buffalo Dream Catcher Keepsake Urn is made of soft brown leather, natural feathers, brown and black beads and the stainless steel Feather Keepsake in the middle of the dream catcher. These unique Dream Catchers can be used to hang anywhere in your home.

Size & Measurements:

Each dream catcher ring is 6" wide and holds the Feather Keepsake, which holds the cremains.

Additional Features:

*Made in the USA
*Exclusive Art Urn
*Uniquely Crafted Urn

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