1. Mike Radomsky

    Can I travel with an run which contains only human remains.
    If so, what documentation do I need?

    Mike Radomsky

  2. admin

    Hi Mike,

    Take the permit form that the crematorium gave you with you when you travel. All containers are TSA approved unless it is made of lead. We don’t sell any urns made of lead, so all our urns can be scanned. They will not open the urn at the airport. Carry oit on the plane, do not pack with luggage in case the luggage gets lost.

    Susan Fraser

  3. Randi

    is an aluminum urn permitted to be carried on a plane?

  4. admin

    Hello Randi

    To answer your question yes In The Light Urns Aluminum Cremation Urns will pass through TSA security at Airports in the United States.

    Paper work from the crematorium or Funeral Director may be necessary.

    As it stand at the time of this post the Transportation Security Administration and Airline procedure for Cremation Urns is:

    1- Before you make your reservation check to see what the Airline(s) rules and regulations are for traveling with your loved ones cremains in an cremation urn. Some Airlines want you to check the Urn while other will except it as a carry on.

    2- Inform the Airline at check in that you have the cremation urn with cremains so that they can explain any necessary boarding policies.

    3- At the TSA Security Station explain what you have and they will treat you and your loved ones remains with the utmost respect. But be aware that they have a job to do.

    They will not ever open the Cremation Urn. They will X-ray the urn, aluminum or otherwise , as well as other TSA procedures for them to be confident to move you and your loved one through this check point.

    4- From there you will be able to board with out any problems.

    5- If it is out of country there maybe another step that is Customs. Check with customs before you travel but their polices are not much different than TSA’s.

    Again paper work from the Crematorium or Funeral Director may be necessary.

  5. Patricia Sumner

    How do I carry the cremains in a biodegradable container on an airplane? Jetblue is the carrier.

  6. Jewaun victor

    I am interested in the nursery block pewter urn for my son. I am a military member and will inevitably be traveling with him. Is this urn lead lined and is the pewter able to pass through xray with no issue?

    Thank you

  7. Jo Ann

    I’d like to ask if a brass urn is TSA compliant?

  8. //

    Hello Jo Ann,

    Yes, all of our urns are lead free for TSA compliance. Wishing you safe travels.

    Susan Fraser

  9. Antonio

    Will a silver urn pass tsa sreening?

  10. //

    Hi Antonio,

    If you are referring to any of the urns online at IntheLightUrns.com, all of our brass urns (assuming you are talking about one of our silver brass urns) are TSA approved.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best Regards,
    Susan Fraser

  11. Rubini

    Hello Susan,

    I purchased the In Loving Memory Poem Cross Walnut Urn today, but I totally forgot to ask if it’s TSA x-Ray compatible. I will be traveling with cremains in it as a carry on baggage. I expect to have it by April 20. Please advise.

    Thank you so much.

  12. //

    Hi Rubini,

    No worries, all of our urns are TSA approved. Wishing you safe travels.

    Best Regards,
    Susan Fraser

  13. Rita

    Will a bronze urn pass through xray machine at airports

  14. Bud

    We have a Himalayan rock salt urn and are traveling to Hawaii to scatter our parents ashes. Is that type of urn TSA compliant and is there anything else I need to know about this process.

  15. melinda

    I was just wondering am I able to travel back home to Europe from the USA with my family members ashes if yes what documentation do I need ?

  16. marbel

    My father’s ashes is enclosed in a wooden box with marbled designs. Can xray pass through marble?

  17. LeAnn

    Is a marble urn able to be x-rayed? So it can be a carry on?

  18. Lorena

    Can I travel with a box made out of paper with the ashes in the plastic bag and it sealed. Is there any problem with TSA? Or can I just leave it in a marble urn carry-on with it or no. I’m coming from Philippines to Las Vegas. Please let me know tnx a lot I do have all the papers to travel with it.. Tnx

  19. Shanti

    Is a fiberglass urn approved by tsa?

  20. //

    Hello Shanti,

    In regards to the transportation of urns, each airline has their own set of regulations. Contact your airline prior to travel dates to ask about their policies. TSA recommends to use a lightweight container and have it sealed tightly. For more details about TSA approved materials visit here for further information

    Susan Fraser

  21. //

    Hello LeAnn,

    Contact the airline you will be using in regards to their rules and regulations on urn travel. Each airline is different. TSA recommends to use a light weight container that seals tightly and will not come open. All of our urns for ashes are TSA approved. For more information regarding airline rules please check out our FAQ page.

    Susan Fraser

  22. //

    Hello Lorena,

    Contact your airline prior to your travel dates regarding cremains and urn travel. Each airline has different rules and regulations. It is asked to travel with cremains in a light weight container sealed tightly. Make sure you have all paper work like the death certificate and/or certificate of cremation with you. All of our urns are TSA approved. Take a look at our marble urns for reference. For more information, visit our laws and legalities of cremation urns page.

    Susan Fraser

  23. //

    Hello Marbel,

    Each airline has different rules and regulations regarding cremation urn travel. In advance, contact the airline you are flying with to make sure there will be no issues once you arrive at the airport. Bring a copy of the death certificate or certificate of cremation for verification of the urn’s contents. TSA recommends to use a light weight container that seals tightly. Marble, wood, glass and ceramic should all pass. If the urn is made of lead, TSA may require further inspection. All of our cremation urns are TSA approved.

    Susan Fraser

  24. //

    Hello Rita,
    Have you found a cremation urn yet? All of our cremation urns for ashes are TSA approved. First, contact the airline you are using because each one varies on policies regarding cremation urn and air travel. They suggest using a light weight sealed container for traveling. Bronze is on the approved list for air travel, however double check with your airline. Also, bring the proper paper work with you. This includes a death certificate or a certificate of cremation. Are you deciding to scatter your loved one’s ashes? Each state has different rules and regulations for scattering ashes. Before traveling, research the areas that you wish to scatter so problems do not arise.

    Susan Fraser

  25. //

    Hello Bud,

    I bet that urn is beautiful and perfect for a Hawaiian scattering. I would suggest keeping your loved one’s ashes in a light weight sealed container separate from the urn you purchased. Contact your airline regarding their policies about traveling with a cremation urn. Make sure to bring the proper paper work with you. This includes a death certificate and/or a certificate of cremation. If the item contains lead, the x-ray will show up opaque and security may require further screening. Give yourself plenty of time at the airport just in case the security process is longer. For more information check out our FAQ page. Hawaii has no laws controlling where people scatter ashes. The Federal Clean Water Act requires cremation scattering at least three nautical miles from land. Hawaii allows scattering ashes beyond the reef line. Are you planning a large ceremony or a quiet one? If a large ceremony contact the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation at least 14 days in advance to obtain an ocean event permit. The permit is free.

    Susan Fraser

  26. //

    Hello Melinda,

    Yes you can travel internationally with a cremation urn. Contact the airline in advance for their polices for cremation urn and air travel. Bring the death certificate and/or certificate of cremation for verification of the urn’s contents. If you are planning to take the urn as a carry on, TSA has laws requiring the inspection of urns going through security. Do you have a permanent urn? If not, make sure the container is light weight and sealed tightly for safe travels.

    Susan Fraser

  27. Rayshaun Brooks

    I purchased my urn through a funeral home it’s ceramic with gold trim and gold decals will it pass the exray and can I take it as a carry-on

  28. //

    Hello Rayshaun,
    As long as the urn is not lined with lead and the x-ray is transparent you should be fine, but it would be best to check with the airline you choose to fly with to see what their exact specifications are. What airline do you plan on traveling with?

  29. Betty Collins

    Hello, plan to travel to Jerusalem from the US with ashes. I know about TSA Requirements. Can you give me the names & information of who I need to check with In Jerusalem to find out there regulations at the airport. Also who to contact for spreading ashes in Jerusalem.

  30. //

    Hello Betty,

    I would suggest contacting the American Embassy in Jerusalem. They should be able to give you more information on the regulations involved with transporting and spreading ashes in Jerusalem. Here is the contact info I was able to locate, hope this helps.

    U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
    14 David Flusser
    Jerusalem 9378322, Israel
    Phone: 02-630-4000

    Susan Fraser

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