Engraved Urns for Ashes


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Engraved urns for ashes make a tremendously personal statement and can offer some solace and comfort during an extraordinarily difficult time. It creates a lasting memorial, representing a cherished life. Custom engraved urns can be anything you desire, from a classic yet simple engraving on urn to an elaborate urn in the form of an object that symbolizes a hobby, career or passion.

Engraving photo of your loved one on a customized urn truly captures their essence and creates a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations.  Precise and artistic laser engraving brings their sprit to life Laser engraving is available on a wide variety of urn materials including wood, stone and metal. These options allow you to immortalize your loved one with a deeply personal sentiment, and create a sense of their presence with you always.

As varied as people’s interests, there are unique urns that can be created to symbolize someone’s passion for a hobby or recreational activity from sports to teams or vintage cars and trucks.  Urns for ashes have been designed to represent fishing, tennis, football, gardening, motorcycles and even a favorite beverage.  Urns can be custom created in almost any form you can imagine to create the most fitting tribute to your loved one in a way that they would surely have loved.

Many people lived their lives deeply identifying with their chosen career, and it becomes part of their personality and legacy. Whether in the military, medical field, law, education, nautical, business or other professional field, a customized burial urn representing their lifelong career makes a very sentimental and suitable memorial.


Cremation Jewelry
Cremation jewelry allows you to keep you loved one forever close to your heart, and always with you. It comes in many materials including silver, gold, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and wood. Engraved cremation jewelry can also be designed in many stylish shapes and forms such as traditional-looking lockets, pendants, key chain and crosses, as well as more customized pieces like a music note, dice, flower, palm tree, star, shell or heart. Cremation jewelry can be filled with a loved one’s ashes, lock of hair, burial soil or flowers. A custom burial urn in the form of jewelry is one of the most intimate sentiments you can make.

Custom urns for ashes in any form, from symbols of hobbies to memorial jewelry, create the opportunity to carry on the loving bond that you hold with your loved one. Your healing can begin knowing that while the life of your loved one is over on this earth, their spirit and memories live on.


  1. cheryl clark

    Hello, My Husband has been cremated and I have his Ashes at home in a small wooden urn. I would like to know if it is possible to get a front name plate supplied and engraved with his details on.

    Thanking you.


  2. Bélen

    the engravings are very important because they remind us of our loved one in a more personal way

  3. Lisa

    Is it appropriate for someone who is dying to buy the urns, and keepsakes for my family and to put a personal message on them?

  4. //

    Hello Lisa,

    Pre-planning for a death is becoming more common nowadays so I would not consider this inappropriate if the person who is getting ready to pass wants to be involved in choosing their own urn and being the one to decide on the sentiment. A lot of the time it is more hopefully if the person who is passing is involved with the funeral/cremation plans. This helps leave less confusion and uncertainty for the rest of the family when it comes time to go forward with the cremation/funeral. We do offer a wide variety of urns, keepsakes and cremation jewelry if you want to take a look, In The Light Urns. We also specialize in Custom Cremation Urns as well.

    Susan Fraser

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