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Here at In the Light Urns we do a great deal of research and writing about losing a loved one. This is our Funeral Information Blog and you can find several useful writings to help you during your time of loss.

Race Car Urns and Memorials for Drivers

Race Car UrnRacing is a wonderful sport. Our founders Susan and Richard Fraser enjoyed drag racing in the late 1970’s in Orange County. So we hold racing dear to our hearts at In the Light Urns.

If you are looking for a race car urn you will certainly be able to find one here. Memorials for racers are available on our motorcycle and racing urns page. There are many cremation urns that memorialize someone who loved racing their car. Many of these urns are personlizable through engraving. Because of our sophisticated engraving equipment, we are able to engrave everything from the nameplate, to a photo of your loved one on the hood of the car.

Another approach to customization is a completely personalized urn, built specially for your loved one. This can include painting their number or any favorite logo on the car and also mounting a model car of your choice to one of our large collection of urns for ashes. We are willing to work to find the right memorial for your loved one.

A memorial that is appropriate for someone is really special to find. Not all memorials communicate the person and their life. They do not all serve as a reminder of how this person was or what they did in their life. To find the right memorial for your race car driver can really make you feel good about your purchase and the memorial for your loved one.

Race CarsWhether your loved one was interested in drag racing or stock car racing, we are dedicated to our job and will work to find you the right cremation urn. In the Light Urns also has a great deal of other cremation urns and jewelry for the motorcycle enthusiast. We have memorials with the gas tank for the urn and also the engine as the holder of ashes. These urns are very popular and get many great reviews.

In the Light Urns also has a large collection of keepsakes for you to hold the ashes of your loved one. These pieces of cremation jewelry have an eagle with wings surrounding a motorcycle emblem. The small pieces of jewelry are very nice, made of Silver and Gold Vermeil. All of our urns and cremation jewelry keepsakes are engravable and we do not charge for shipping.

If you are in search for a race car cremation urn or a memorial for a race car driver, you can see our collection or contact us directly. Thank you for reading and I hope this was a helpful post in finding a fitting memorial for your race car driver.

Pre-planning a Cremation Funeral

If you’ve ever seen a friend experience the loss of someone close, then you have likely witnessed the pain, sadness, confusion and overwhelming stress that person endured while making funeral arrangements. It can be extremely taxing to configure cost and fulfill your loved one’s wishes when emotions are running high. On the contrary, there are pre-planning steps you can take to ease the burden on the family members left behind.

“Preneed” is a term used to express the need for pre-planning your own funeral by means of prearranging and prefunding. Pre-planning your own funeral is important because it can alleviate the burden on your family of making important financial decisions during a time of great stress. It can also give you peace of mind because you know your arrangements are ready. It can also help you control the cost of the funeral and preserve it from inflation.  There are a few steps to get the process started.

Get in contact with a local funeral director. Talk about different options. If a cremation funeral is what you want, there are factors to discuss:

•    a viewing before the cremation
•    the actual cremation
•    urn choices
•    obituary
•    the will
•    budget

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), requires funeral directors to give you itemized prices in person and, if you ask, over the phone. It’s often beneficial for someone else go with you while making sensitive and important decisions. Your friend or family member might hear that you didn’t, or ask questions that you may not have thought about.

Something else that most people don’t realize, it is not legally required to use a funeral home to plan or conduct a funeral.  Beyond funeral homes, the FTC suggests that arrangements can be made with a memorial society, which is a nonprofit organization providing information about funerals and disposition, but not offering actual funeral services; or directly with a crematorium.

Within the realm of pre-planning, pre-paying or funeral financing is also an option. Not everyone is financially ready to pay for the future funeral when making arrangements. Just bear in mind that prices fluctuate over time and businesses may unexpectedly close or change ownership. So, it is wise to re-examine your decision every few years.

Pre-planning your own or a loved one’s inevitable death is an extraordinarily sensitive and stressful experience.  As difficult as it may be, it will give those who cared for you the ability to grieve and the relief not to endure the financial burdens during a death. Information about funerals is very important to In the Light Urns and we produce a great deal of helpful advice after losing a loved one.

Engraved Urns for Ashes

Engraved UrnHow to Connect the Urn with the Individual

Engraved urns for ashes make a tremendously personal statement and can offer some solace and comfort during an extraordinarily difficult time. It creates a lasting memorial, representing a cherished life. Custom engraved urns can be anything you desire, from a classic yet simple engraving on urn to an elaborate urn in the form of an object that symbolizes a hobby, career or passion.


Engraving photo of your loved one on a customized urn truly captures their essence and creates a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations.  Precise and artistic laser engraving brings their sprit to life Laser engraving is available on a wide variety of urn materials including wood, stone and metal. These options allow you to immortalize your loved one with a deeply personal sentiment, and create a sense of their presence with you always.


As varied as people’s interests, there are unique urns that can be created to symbolize someone’s passion for a hobby or recreational activity from sports to teams or vintage cars and trucks.  Urns for ashes have been designed to represent fishing, tennis, football, gardening, motorcycles and even a favorite beverage.  Urns can be custom created in almost any form you can imagine to create the most fitting tribute to your loved one in a way that they would surely have loved.


Many people lived their lives deeply identifying with their chosen career, and it becomes part of their personality and legacy.  Whether in the military, medical field, law, education, nautical, business or other professional field, a customized burial urn representing their lifelong career makes a very sentimental and suitable memorial.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry allows you to keep you loved one forever close to your heart, and always with you. It comes in many materials including silver, gold, ceramic, glass, stainless steel and wood. Engraved cremation jewelry can also be designed in many stylish shapes and forms such as traditional-looking lockets, pendants, key chain and crosses, as well as more customized pieces like a music note, dice, flower, palm tree, star, shell or heart. Cremation jewelry can be filled with a loved one’s ashes, lock of hair, burial soil or flowers. A custom burial urn in the form of jewelry is one of the most intimate sentiments you can make.

Custom urns for ashes in any form, from symbols of hobbies to memorial jewelry, create the opportunity to carry on the loving bond that you hold with your loved one. Your healing can begin knowing that while the life of your loved one is over on this earth, their spirit and memories live on.

Four Seasons Urns Approved by Green Burial Council

Four Seasons UrnsWe are happy to announce a new cremation urn to our collection. The Four Seasons Urns are completely biodegradable, using only green products that degrade naturally into the earth. There are no screws holding the urn together and the glue is not toxic. The urn is finished with natural beeswax giving it a lovely and elegant look.Biodegradable Urn

Recently approved by the Green Burial Council, the Four Seasons Urns are beautiful and green. Because we are unable to ensure that all wood is harvested with a specific area, the urn is ranking a 4/5. We are aware of the importance of harvesting wood in a close region, due to unnecessary travel pollution and costs and are working to find the right kind of wood from a nearby controlled provider. The size of the urn is 11 inches by 8.5 inches by 4 inches and is made of Red Oak. This is the perfect wood to product high quality engraving and is necessary for us to provide the finest memorials we possible can. The urn is handmade in Visalia, California by a professional and dedicated wood worker. Finely engineered the urn closes naturally with a 1mm wedge that ensures closure. It was not easy to engineer this kind of closure, but results are a magnificent and simple concept. The hinges are attached to the top sliding piece which is accented by a piece of walnut wood. The top comes completely off with no stopper. This is particularly useful if the ashes will be scattered. This cremation urn is not only biodegradable, it has also been engineered to be a scattering urn.

The engraving of the urn is quite unique. Each season is represented in this series that pays homage to the changing times of the year. It is common for there to be stipulations, in a will, about the time of day of a funeral ceremony. And when someone has passed in the winter time, they can now choose to have an memorial urn that reflects the wind and snow of that season. Similarly, summer shows water and the sun, spring shows a flower and fall shows a tree with wilting leaves.

Scattering Ashes Insights and Information

Scattering Tube UrnDispersing the ashes of a deceased family member or friend is a beautiful and spiritual experience. It symbolizes the freeing of someone’s soul go to its final resting place. You can make the ash scattering as meaningful and personal as possible, so your loved one gets the final cast-off that he or she deserves. Here are some options for dispersing the cremains of the departed:

Water Scattering
Spreading the ashes of a loved one at sea or another body of water is an elegant and serene way to honor the dead. One way to do this is to place the cremains in a biodegradable floating pillow, and cast it into the water. The pillow will float away, and quickly dissolve into the water. Another water scattering ceremony idea is to choose a few close family members or friends to scatter the ashes into the water by hand. While this method can be glorious if executed properly, it is imperative that the ashes are scattered with the flow of the wind. Deviation from this can result in an undesirable outcome and can detract from the process of honoring your loved one. One more very natural and beautiful way to disperse the ashes of a loved one is to sprinkle them on the shoreline of a large body of water and let the tide take the ashes out to sea.

Surface Dispersion
Scattering ashes above the earth in a special location is another way to honor the deceased. You might choose a place that your loved one enjoyed spending his or her time or a location that held sentimental value. You can scatter the ashes loosely over the earth or rake them across the ground to mix them in with the surrounding soil. It is important to know that if you want to disperse your loved one’s ashes on private or state property, you must first check local regulations or obtain permission before you plan the ceremony. Certain cemeteries even have scatter gardens for this type of ceremony.

Shallow Dispersion
Some people choose to place the ashes of a loved one just below the surface of the earth. This practice is often called “trenching.” This method entails digging a shallow hole or trench and placing the cremains in the hole, then burying them.  Biodegradable urns are available for this type of ceremony.
Metal Scattering Tube
Scattering Ashes in the Sky
Another way to disperse the ashes of a loved one is to spread them by air. Make sure to choose a reputable pilot and crew that specialize in this type of ceremony. Your funeral director should have more information on local companies. Some pilots that perform these ceremonies allow select family members to be present in the plane while the ashes are scattered across the sky. Others arrange to drop the ashes at a specific time and location so that mourners can see the ashes descend from above.

Shared Resting Place
If your lost loved one is preceded in death by a close companion or spouse, it is possible to share their final resting place. After obtaining permission from the cemetery, you can arrange to have your loved one’s ashes buried on top of the cemetery plot of his or her companion, below the ground’s surface in an urn for ashes. Not only is this method a special ceremonial gesture of reuniting mortal companions, it is also an eco-friendly way to honor the dead.

Spreading your loved one’s ashes is a hallowed time of spiritual release. However you choose to scatter the cremains of the departed, you will honor them and keep their memory alive, whether their ashes are scattered a cross the land, sea, or sky. Read more funeral information by In the Light Urns.

Saying Goodbye with the Right Pet Memorial

firehydrant pet cremation urn 262x300 Saying Goodbye with the Right Pet MemorialGiving your pet a dignified farewell is really an important part of saying goodbye. Like human companions, pets play huge roles in our lives and our families lives. They offer unconditional love, steadfast camaraderie, and cheerful homecomings and company. For these and many other reasons, the death of a pet is a hard thing to deal with. That is why memorializing your friend is an important step to take.The individuals at Pets To Rest are committed to making the process of losing a pet as easy as possible. Their large selection of pet urns and keepsakes are helpful in memorializing your pet.

The Yarn Ball cat urn is an excellent example of the celebration of your pet, rather than a mark of your loss. Carefully made to resemble a ball of yarn, the Yarn Ball urn is both cat appropriate and heartening. Using the Yarn Ball urn to store pet cremains is the perfect way to memorialize a frolicky feline who loved nothing more than to play with string. A festive and an affordable pet urn, the Yarn Ball urn is conveniently bottom loading and is available in both pink and blue hues.

Another lovely memorial pet urn offered at Pets To Rest is the Photo Memorial urn. The Photo Memorial urn consists of a small box designed specifically to hold a pet’s cremains. The lid of the box also serves as a frame into which a picture of your beloved pet can be placed. Available in both black matte and antique gold, the Photo Memorial Pet Urn is a wonderful memorial for someone who favors a constant visual reminder of their deceased furry companion.

There are also several wonderful keepsake pet urns that allow you to keep your pet close. Memorializing your pet with a piece of cremation jewelry will allow you to have your pets ashes or fur in a small capsule. The time that you take to mourn the loss of your animal is important. It is important because if you keep the pain of losing your pet inside, it will eventually come out. And grieving is a healthy and natural process; without letting yourself properly grieve, the energy will come out in a less healthy way.

Pets to Rest has many wonderful pet memorials and specializes in customizing your pet’s tribute. A pet urn can be engraved and shipped the same day, so that you don’t have to wait. For more information visit Pets to Rest.

Finding the Right Memorial for a Musician

Music UrnAn Urn is a Wonderful Option to Memorialize a Loved One with Musical Talent.

Musicians seem to be a special breed all their own; if your loved one was a musician, you know that they are blessed with a gift that not everyone in this life is lucky enough to possess.  A musician cremation urn is the perfect way to pay tribute to someone who was in touch with their senses, that loved music to their very core.

Whether your loved one was passionate about playing a guitar or mandolin, saxophone, banjo, piano or any other musical instrument, you loved them for who they were and the things they appreciated in life.  A musician funeral urn allows you to pay respect and show your heart-felt love for someone who may have been temperamental or on the sensitive side, as musicians often are.  Those with these artistic talents often have a fine-tuned sense for not only their own feelings, but those of other people.

music urn Finding the Right Memorial for a MusicianA musician cremation urn is the perfect final resting place for someone who was always in tune with music, often from a very early age.  It’s as if music was inherently born in to their soul and being.  Nearly all people associate music with different time periods in their lives; certain songs often bring back vivid memories, whether good, bad or even sad.  Musicians can spend hours practicing a newly written song over and over again, trying to get every single note and tone precisely right.  It’s in their blood, it’s in their soul.  When someone who possesses this much talent is taken from you, it’s a very sad and heart wrenching time in your life.

Has a loved one passed that lived their very life for the purpose of music?  It’s hard to lose any loved one, but Music Keepsake Urnespecially one who was so full of promise and talent.  One musician cremation urn that is elegant and unique is the Musician Walnut Memorial Angel Urn, which is crafted of walnut and embellished with a personalized angel, along with photo holder so that you can place a favorite picture of your loved one in their own element – playing music!  This urn can be used any way you like, but is especially meaningful for those who choose to display the urn in a special place. Another option is a music symbol keepsake urn that holds the ashes of your loved one. These small beautiful pieces of cremation jewelry are good way to keep your loved one’s memory close.

Although you are grieving and saddened by your loss, celebrate the life of someone who was so vibrant and talented, and who has left this earth too soon with a musician cremation urn. Find more funeral information and resources after losing a loved one at In the Light Urns.

Cremation Urns with a Photo Frame Built-in

Photo Frame Urn
Photo Urns: Immortalizing a Loved One

As most already know, a picture is said to be “worth a thousand words.” It’s true. A photo can serve to take the mind to another place in time, often resulting in deep reflection on the person being viewed. When faced with the immeasurable loss of a loved one, it is an important time for remembrance on how that person touched your life. Just seeing a photo of the departed as they lived, especially during a high point in their life or while doing something they loved, can be a comforting experience. Personalized urns, keepsake jewelry, and mementos often display a photo for that reason.

Personalized Options
For those who choose cremation, a personalized photo urn is one option to honor your loved one. In fact, it is a special opportunity to represent him or her as the unique and special person that they once were. By forever displaying a photo of your loved one on a personalized photo urn, you are perpetuating the warm memories of that person.  A photo urn can display a picture either as a framed photo or a precise and artistic laser engraving. Laser engraving is available on a wide variety of materials such as wood, marble, granite, and brass. Such options give you the chance to immortalize your loved one in a way that is best suited to their tastes and personality.

Photo Cremation Lockets
Engraved photo charms in silver and gold come in several shapes and designs. Another beautiful option to create lasting memories is a personalized cremation locket. They are available in different finishes, styles and personalization opportunities. Urn lockets hold a photo on one side with a compartment for cremains or a lock of hair on the other. These lockets give you the chance to carry a piece of the person you dearly cherish with you wherever you go.

Photo Mementos
Photo mementos are another deeply personal way of preserving the memory of the departed. With mementos meant for display or for everyday use, the possibilities are virtually limitless. A clock urn adorned with a photo of your loved one is a charming way to commemorate the treasured time spent with that person. In addition to clocks, jewelry and music boxes are available to keep your lost love one a part of your everyday life. A touching rendition of a song enjoyed by the departed such as “Amazing Grace” is a distinctive way to preserve the legacy of the person you adored and admired.

While a photo urn, keepsake, or memento can’t take away the pain of losing someone, it is intended to be a sweet reminder to you of the person you want to honor. It’s nice to know that you can be comforted on a daily basis by the warm image of your loved one in a way specifically chosen by you to reflect that person’s individuality.

Read more information about funerals.

What We Can Learn From Death at a Funeral

Death a Funeral was really a good film, that brought a kind of light heartedness to losing a loved one. There are several take aways that we can get from this film. Here are a couple:

1.       After someone dies you’ll likely learn some things about them that you didn’t know. Stories will get told and passed around and it can really be helpful to remember them in this way. It’s a good idea to join the conversation and learn about your loved one.

2.       Things can wrong at the funeral. This is a difficult time and people are under a lot of stress. Take the time to understand that people are going through a hard time and that they may be acting differently than usual. Not all things will always go to plan and you must keep a strong head on your shoulders and not let the issues of the situation come between you and family and the memorial of your loved one. There is only one goal and that is to remember the family member.

3.       Bodies can be misplaced. Actually, that’s not really likely, but the point of this lesson is this is something that funeral workers do every day.  Although this is a difficult time in your life, possible one of the most important times in your life, this is another job for a funeral worker. It may sound harsh, but funeral workers are a necessary service. Clearly it takes a certain type of person to work in the industry, but you can’t expect them to always be morning with you and your family. You must remember that you may not get all the service and reverence that you are searching for all the time. This is a reason to work with a family member or loved one for the funeral. You don’t always need to go through a funeral home for a service; as we saw in Death at a Funeral.

4.       It may be a good choice to have the funeral service at your home, rather than a funeral home. The beautiful house in Death a Funeral was a perfect location for a funeral. The family was together in their space. You would be surprised how you much can do for a funeral and ceremony in your own home.

5.       A photo is necessary at the memorial. Not just a little photo, but a large picture that properly does justice to representing the person’s life.

I really enjoyed seeing Death a Funeral and it brought to light so many important points and information for a funeral that can help you after losing a loved one. Perhaps there is much more to be learned from movies. Maybe watching films about funerals is good research so that you are prepared when it comes time for you to plan a funeral.

Memorializing September 11th, 2001

Today we look back on the day we lost 2,819 people that we lost in New York City.

Not only did we loss so many people, but we lost two iconic buildings that represented the strength of our great nation. A memorial will be created for the towers; this memorial was designed by Peter Walker and Michael Arad, who were selected from more than 5,000 design concepts.

The memorial will be a large open space and plaza hosting almost 400 large trees that will surround a water area. I’m so pleased to hear that the memorial will not be another large building, but the opposite, an open space. There will be cobble stone and stone paths for people to walk through and enjoy the area. The memorial, although hosting a great deal of moving water, sits above a train station and a museum. Which is quite suitable for New York City. Around this memorial water way there will be inscribed names of the people we lost on September 11th, 2001. These names will be lit at night and will make for a wonderful memorial.

There are many ways to create a memorial after losing a loved one. The work that has been chosen to memorialize those we have lost nine years ago today is a wonderful choice. I am so pleased with the decision we have made and the way that we remember these people.