Seasonal Urns: Memorializing During A Season

From the time of childhood, the four seasons are glorified from an ordinary act of nature into an experience that represents the changes in of one’s life. The fall reminds us of the beginning of school and the start of the holiday tide: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Winter symbolizes a time of togetherness and family with the celebrations of Christmas, Hanukah and, of course, the cold weather.

In remembrance of loved ones who have passed, there are many cremation memorials which honor the lives of those no longer with us through seasonal cherished memories.

  • Winter Urns

If your loved one was passionate about skiing or had a child-like appreciation for snow, always throwing snowballs when you weren’t looking, choose an urn with a winter theme. There are urns designed with the wind sweeping snow, which capture the very essence of cold weather. This is a beautiful gesture of having the one you loved around on the chilliest days to warm your heart.

  • Spring Urns

Out like a lion and in like a lamb, Spring themed urns personify the love of flora and the hobby of gardening. They can also represent a time of rebirth and the welcome of warmer weather. The adoration that your loved one had can be exemplified on an urn designed with flowers and grass. Embrace the fond memories of the frost melting away and the urge to spend time outside with the one person you will never forget.

  • Summer Urns

With the beauty of the water resembling diamonds sparkling across a blue blanket, the image brings memories of summer vacations, water skiing, and life spent at the beach all day. Summer-inspired urns come in designs with the sun and water to trigger a time spent with your loved one entirely outside with the sand in your toes and the smell of salt air.

  • Autumn

The end of summer is bittersweet, but there are so many great things to look forward to in the fall. Many lifelong memories are created during this season, which  are captured in Autumn themed urns adorned with graphic trees and aging leaves. If the departed loved Halloween or Thanksgiving, choose an urn style that recalls parties or gatherings with laughter and good times, which will never be forgotten.

Cherish the person most missed in this world with in relation to a season that reminds you of them the most.  A seasonal urn is a constant reminder of wonderful memories that will always live on.

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