1. Mayra Vega

    I already purchased a photo frame urn,but I wasn’t told that all of the remains wouldn’t fit .I need one that I can fit all of my son’s remains in.( with his photo on the front)

  2. //

    Hi Mayra, sometimes finding the right urn for the right size may be difficult. Some info as to ensuring what size you may need, is by looking up the cubic inches of the urn you are interested in. When a person is cremated, what typically matters is the height not so much the weight, If the person was 6′ 4″ then consider the largest urn you can get, an adult urn at about 240lbs will do, even if the weight of an individual may be 200lbs. The bones are what remain, the weight goes away. You may want to check out these photo urns we offer:
    We also offer the option to customize an urn. https://www.inthelighturns.com/custom-cremation-urns.html
    I hope this is helpful to you!

    Susan Fraser

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