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Grow A Tree Urn


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Bury Ashes & Plant A Tree Urn
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Grow A Tree Urn.

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The Grow A Tree Urn is a completely green environmentally friendly urn. We think the sphere is the renewable shape of planetary life, our connection to Mother Earth and the world. Watch the land burial video below for a better understanding of how to make a new tree or plant a part of your loved one.

Each urn is ecologically proven biodegradable and approved by The Green Burial Council.

This beautiful spherical urn is made from organic garden soil in the body of the urn and terra-cotta in the lid and comes with a bio bag inside. Additionally it is made with hardened organic compost and mineral soil bound with natural plant extracts. When you are ready to bury the urn, its reintegration into the earth will depend on the level of moisture in the ground. You also have the option of removing the lid and planting a tree within the urn, or you may wish to bury your loved one in a special place without a tree or plant. Appropriate for land burial and will not harm our green Earth.

Each urn has a shelf life of up to 20 years and will not breakdown until the urn is placed in the elements, either in the Earth or Water, for the best result keep in the original packaging.

Size & Measurements:

The urn measures 8 1/2" in diameter, the lid opening is 4" and will hold 200 cubic inches of cremains.

Additional Features:

*Green Burial Council Approved
*Caring Professional Service
*100% Biodegradable

Geos Plantable Urn Review by Brian W.
The urn arrived with easy instructions and we planted a small tree with the urn in our yard for our father 2 weeks ago. We are very happy with this urn and can see how it will grow, thank you for such a wonderful idea. In time we may put a small marker under the tree.

Brian W. (Posted on 10/27/2013)

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