Mystic Ruby Keepsake Glass Urn


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Handmade Glass Keepsake
Master Glass Artisan
Adult Urn Available

Cremation Urn Volume


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Each Mystic Ruby Keepsake Glass Urn a is beautiful little keepsake. The artist has been making these urns since 1990. Each hand made keepsake is a unique remembrance for your special loved one. The artist weaves a smooth sided sculpted keepsake while she works the ruby red colors into the glass keepsake. A quality keepsake to become a future family heirloom.

Size & Measurements:

The Mystic Ruby Keepsake Glass Urn measures approximately 5" x 3" and is 3 cubic inches. These glass urn are made in the Canada, can be found in many funeral homes across the United States and Canada. A perfectly elegant keepsake urn for your loved one.

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