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The Nature Girl Fairy Keepsake Urns are a beautifully detailed, hand designed porcelain keepsakes. Each time you look at this keepsake, one might think to remember the wonder of the world of nature, of the sweetness of the female form and her need to be in nature. A place where our hearts feel most at peace.

Size & Measurements:

Each keepsake measures 5 7/8" tall and includes a 4" x 5 1/2" yellow velor bag to hold 5 cubic inch of cremains as a shared keepsake, or a lock of hair. A tube of adhesive is included if you wish to seal the urn.

Additional Features:

*Unique Art Urn
*Lifetime Warranty
*Adhesive Included

Fairy Keepsakes Review by Melissa Renton
I was really happy to have found these very feminine, porcelain fairies for my family members. We lost our niece and purchased 3 different ones. I love mine, it is sweet like Jennifer, and no one knows it is an urn. Thank you.

Melissa Renton
(Posted on 8/7/2012)

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