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Each Peaceful Petal® Magnolia Water Burial Urn is a beautiful red flower urn, hand created with French paper. The Peaceful Petal in red resembles many flowers, especially a red rose and a camellia, but we have chosen to call our flower urn a magnolia flower, due to the white folds of the petals. The meaning of the Magnolia Flower is beauty, love of nature, nobility, dignity and loyalty. A beautiful tribute to a strong loving soul and a beautiful and unique water burial at sea experience.

Each urn is made by skilled artists in the USA, and is an amazing 22 inches across. Since they are hand made the color of red many vary. This urn can be seen very easily from any boat or ship out on the ocean. They make a burial on water an event and are a unique way to accept and express with pride the life of your loved one. Each "green" urn is 100% biodegradable and water friendly for ocean, lake or wide-river. Instructions and a biodegradable bag is included and is used for the cremains. The bag is secured inside the flower compartment.

If you are planning on traveling with the urn, leave the cremains in the temporary container, pass through security and board your flight. The TSA will not open your loved one’s container, but will scan the container and if you have a permit form for the cremation it is helpful, but not required. The Peaceful Petal should be placed in an overhead cabin or ask the flight attendant if there is a safe place where it will not get damaged. The petals are fragile and the cremains are heavy so put the ashes in the bag, and the bag in the urn, before you leave your home or hotel room to board the boat or ship.

Size & Measurements:

The Peaceful Petal® should be placed directly into the water and will slip under the water within minutes. Times will vary, our video below shows 5lbs of cremains, which is an average sized adult, took 3.20 minutes.

Additional Features:

*Green Burial Council Approved
*100% Biodegradable
*TSA Approved Materials

Beautful Urn Review by Marie Stevens
We are so happy we found you at In The Light urns, the urn was perfectly beautiful, thank you.

Marie Stevens
(Posted on 11/21/2015)
Impressive urns Review by Linda
The weather was most uncooperative when we chose to set the ashes of my mother and sister afloat and so therefore our immediate plans were scuttled, however, not to be stopped we walked for a good long time and found a very quite pond that adjoined the desired lake and placed the urns in the water, it wasn't long before the urns sank and because of the quiet flow of the water the urns remained visible for some time, before the disintegration began; the event has left a calm and peaceful feeling in our hearts and I am delighted with the results. I would encourage anyone to use these urns, they are truly beautiful, our choice was the magnolia style and they were perfect for our needs.

Linda (Posted on 10/8/2015)
Peaceful Petal® Magnolia Water Burial Urn Review by Donald K.
I am not sure if you know that the Magnolia is the flower of love and in red it was perfect for my wife, an eastern seashore lover. The sea cooperated that day and I am very happy with the urn and how the service went, thank you.

Donald K. (Posted on 6/12/2013)

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