Raku Bear Child Urn


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The Raku Bear Child Urn is hand made through a artful and thought process. A ceramic urn is created and heated in a kiln then it is pulled out carefully and placed into a pit of wood shavings, instantly igniting. Overnight the urn will smolder and what is created is a urn filled with radiant flashes of color. The potter, the earth and the flames shape the urn, the way life shapes us.

Size & Measurements:

Each Raku Bear Child Urn measures approximately 5 1/2" - 6" wide and are for children under 90 lbs. Each are topped with an attractive Raku bear with a feather back and gem decoration. Adhesive comes with each urn.

Additional Features:

*Hand Crafted
*Adhesive Included
*Caring Professional Service

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