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The 223 REM or 5.56 Rifle Round Ammo Keepsake Urns include 100 rounds of ammo. Celebrate Life with our ready to load rounds to show your love and pride. These special rounds can be shot at a 3 Volley or 21 Gun Salute, for a special loved one who served our country in the Military or Police Force. Memorial Shots© Ammo with Ashes, can be used in official Military or Police salutes.

You have the option to purchase any number of blanks and live rounds, such as for a 21 gun salute, choose 21 Blanks and the remainder of 79 Live Rounds. You can make this choice now or when you ship the ashes to us in our kit (see below). Live rounds can not be shot in close proximity to others. Safety requirements and laws should be sought from your local government, in conjunction with the private property management, in the cemetery, etc.

These rounds can also be used in any law abiding, safe environment for shooting and will make a special addition to your loved one's "Celebration of Life!" Your order arrives boxed in two Styrofoam Trays in Cardboard White. These boxes can be imprinted with 4 lines of personalization. They allow you to safely and easily carry your rounds with you for your special memorial event.

If you prefer your rounds to be lead free, please call for a quote 800 757 3488.

Engraving Details:

Your order arrives boxed in two Styrofoam Trays in Cardboard White. These boxes can be imprinted with 4 lines of personalization and allow you to safely and easily carry your rounds with you for your special memorial event. Here is an example of what we can engrave:

In Loving Memory
Jonathan David Reynolds
Jan. 13, 1946 - March 17, 2018
Loving Husband, Father & Friend

Sending Ashes For Ammo:

When you make your purchase you will quickly receive a "Memorial Shots© Kit" in the mail. This fill kit makes it easy for you to send the ashes to us at In The Light Urns. We will use approximately 35 cubic inches of ashes or about 1/5 of the overall amount of ashes for an adult. Any extra ashes will be retuned to you with your rounds. We will require a copy of the buyer's drivers license, as the buyer/receiver must be over 21 years of age. This person will need to sign for the ammo, unless you are in an area where the ammo needs to ship to a local gun store. In this case you will be notified that it is shipping, so you can go and sign for your package.

All rounds will be hand loaded, and made by an FBI approved reloader into premium cartridges. Professional service, from an experienced federally approved loader.

Shipping Requirements & Arrival Times:

We understand that you may have a service or special Celebration of Life planned. Normal delivery is about 4 weeks, but if you let us know about your plans we will do everything we can to be sure you have them in time for that special day. Our 4 week delivery ships free of charge and covers any hazmat fees. We require the buyer who included a copy of their driver's license in the Memorial Shots© Kit, to be the signer for the package. You will be notified that it is shipping to you.


*Keep Out of Reach of Children
*Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection When Shooting
*Treat Ever Gun As If It Is Loaded
*Check Barrel For Obstructions

This ammunition is produced for firearms in good condition, originally chambered for this cartridge. With this notice, we assume that your are purchasing the correct ammo for your firearm and that you have had the gun checked and cleaned for optimum safety. We have used reasonable care in the manufacture of the ammunition, but make no other warranty, expressed or implied. Discharging firearms may result in exposure to lead, a substance known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury.

Additional Features:

*Patent Pending
*Free Carry Boxes
*Professional FBI Approved Reloader
*Excess Ash Is Returned ~ All Sales Are Final

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