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Hello, this is Susan Fraser.

First, I want to say how very sorry I am that you have experienced the loss of your loved one. We care about our customers, and do what we do every day with a real compassion for their incredible situations. Over many years, my husband Rick and I, have pulled together a great group of individuals. Each person knows the stress that our customers are under. Their circumstances are often devastating, and we try to make this necessary purchase as easy as possible.

We are now in our 18th year, and a couple years ago we have moved to a much larger facility. We need the space, because In The Light Urns has grown to be the largest on-line urn company in America, offering cremation urns, keepsakes, and jewelry to families at home. Our wonderful group of employees is using the extra space to create an extensive variety of urns with expert engraving, packaging, and tracking. Custom work is what we do best. We manufacturer more urns in-house than any other company in America. We are working to create special memorials for families that come to us every day.

You may have heard that dogs and cats can have a calming effect on people experiencing stress or pain, and that some funeral homes have pets to help mourners cope. So a positive effect on our employees with our two sister cats, named Audio and Olive. Sadly we lost lost Audio in last October 2018. Their favorite spot, for Olive is still right in front of a computer monitor to get some love and attention. Our new building has provided a great place to continue our positive we-can-do-it attitude. This is what gets us the best reviews, and is that what can really motivate an employee to go the extra mile and get that urn out before the truck arrives for pick-up!

Know that we are here to help, and that we understand that losing someone is the most difficult experience in a person's life. While we play a small part, we hope that the experience of buying that last gift for your loved one from us, is as easy as possible. We wish you the best in the future, and take care of yourself in your journey of healing from your loss.


Our Dedicated Team in Visalia, California.

(We list by date of hire, as all are equality valuable to the company.)
Susan Fraser

Krystal Cassano
Lead Graphic Designer

Andrew Parham
Lead Engraver all Disciplines

Amber McKown
Customer Service Manager

Tami Hendrix
Customer Service

Alma Plascencia
Customer Service & Fulfillment

David Parham
Production & Customer Service

Juana Garcia
Production & Customer Service

Rick Fraser

Derek Nelson
Precision Engraver all Disciplines

Erica Cassano
Inventory Specialist

Santiago Solorzano
Engraver & Fulfillment

Jared Urias
Painting & Detailing

Bryant Rose
Precision Engraver all Disciplines

Daisy Sandoval
Production & Customer Service

Omar Garcia

Who We Are:

We are a family owned cremation urn company and a leader in our profession; we have pioneered dozens of products through research and development. In the Light Urns is one of the most unique cremation urn companies today. We want our clients to have quality choices so that they are completely satisfied with their purchase.

We had been asked again and again for many personalized types of urns which were not previously available. Many we developed because we knew that when remembering someone, it is invaluable to have meaningful life experiences behind their final resting place. We are always looking for new ways to offer loving and comforting resting places for your loved one. If you have a request or suggestions, please contact us.

Our Story

After many experiences working with grieving women and men, at In The Light Urns, and after a short chain of events, I feel I would like to share with those who come to our site looking for urns, what the story is behind the company at In The Light Urns.

In The Light Urns started about 6 years after the death of our oldest son, Ryan. He passed away at 14 years of age, of natural causes, on Mother's Day in 1995. This of course was the most difficult time in our lives, for myself, my husband, and our younger son. There was no warning, and we lost our boy in an instant. This is how death comes, and how many of us have to deal with it.

For those who have had time with a dying loved one due to illness, there is time afforded for closure. This may be good for both the family and the one who is passing. Of course we didn't experience this, and we know a sudden death was just as hard on our son who left us. Leaving so young and believing he will live to be an adult with a family, is a tragedy. For those left behind, life will never be the same, and loss is an emotion that is there, just under the surface of everyday life, for a lifetime.

No matter how a loved one has passed, we know many of those on our website every day have these same feeling of grief, loss, even guilt over being here, while their loved one is gone. We do understand about these feelings and know that last gift, that last purchase that you can ever make for your loved one, needs to be something really special, something representative of the life they lived. A fitting and lovely memorial. The last gift . . . the last offering of love.

In The Light Urns had become a company, but how did it find its name? Well, the name is representative of how we would want our loved ones to enjoy their new adventure of passing and afterlife. Light is a place of safety, comfort, love and happiness . . . which we hope is death. And so, In The Light Urns found its name.

We hope you can find the perfect urn or that last gift, where ever that may be, for your loved one. And we hope that your loved one has found "light" and keeps your love in their afterlife adventure. Our best to you. We hope grieving is short for you and them, and that you find comfort in the love that you shared.

Susan Fraser

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