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The American Flag Adult Urn cheerfully displays our stars and stripes. This urn is perfect for those who feel a deep love for America and want to forever be immersed in the American flag. These quality brass urns are artfully painted with our nation's stars and stripes with an accented nickel finish. This urn has the option of a protective Black Velvet Bag to safely keep the urn in.

Size & Measurements:

The American Flag Adult Urn measures 11 1/2" tall and is 220 cubic inches. The threaded top closure can be permanently sealed with a drop or two of super glue. This urn has a special powder coated interior. This Weather resistant urn can be placed outdoors, on a grave, in a garden or buried.

Engraving Details:

This urn can be personalized with Medallion Name Plate on a Chain, with up to 3 lines of engraving. Here is an example of what we can engrave:

In Loving Memory
David Matthew Mason
March 19, 1947 - April 4, 2018

Additional Features:

*Lifetime Warranty
*Professional Engraving
*Unique Flag Designed Urn

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