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Losing a loved one who served was an Army Veteran can be devastating loss, as well as losing a loved one while serving their country. Our Army Urns are a respectful memorial for paying tribute to someone who was completely selfless and who loved their country enough to give their lives in return. Even if a loved one who served in the armed forces loses their lives in another manner, our Army urns show respect and represent an area of their life that was important to them and their family. Those who serve in the military often spend months and even years away from their family and friends in order to pursue a higher calling. They risk their lives, live under dangerous conditions, and often suffer through devastating experiences. When a family member or loved one who has served in the military passes, they deserve special recognition. Our Army urns are the perfect way to show not only your respect, but your love and gratitude.

Whether your loved one would have preferred to be buried at land or sea or have their ashes scattered, Army urns come in a wide variety of designs and styles for any need. From the Army Medallion Urn made from poplar wood and adorned with a brass medallion to the Peaceful Pillow Army Military Burial at Sea Urn, you will find that these urns offer not only a way to memorialize your loved one properly, but help you through the grieving process as well. When you know you have made the right decision in choosing an urn for your loved one, it gives you great peace of mind. Of the Army urns available today, perhaps the most unique is the Peaceful Pillow Army Military Burial at Sea Urn, which can be engraved and personalized with your loved one name and placed on the ocean for water burial. These urns make a water burial special memorial event. For those looking for something with a bit more of a patriotic flair, the Soaring Eagle urns are exquisite. Crafted of marble finished polystone and embellished with a hand finished pewter eagle, these military cremation urns are regal and especially fitting for a loved one who was dedicated to his country. Some individuals make their wishes known prior to their passing. When a loved one wants their ashes scattered at sea, biodegradable urns are an excellent choice. The most important thing to remember is that you want to choose a burial urn that you believe your loved one would have appreciated, and to think about what you plan to do with the cremation urn before you make a final decision.