About the Artistic Urns Collection


Realistic Modern Sculptures Coupled With Unconventional Designs Create Striking Art Urns

In the Light Urns now offers a spectacular new line of artistic cremation urns for ashes. These urns offer a unique way to honor and cherish a loved one's memories; the beauty of nature is artistically reflected in the themes of these art urns, which are suitable for single or companion cremains. A perfect example of the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes in to the creation of these art urns is the "Going Home Dolphins" cremation urn, which is crafted of a poplar wood base topped by an exquisite Lucite sculpture depicting a family of Dolphins swimming home.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Exceptional Quality Materials

The beautifully crafted art urns offered by In the Light Urns are designed by the best artists today, including Dan Medina, Christopher Pardell, and Kitty Cantrell of Starlite Originals. Every piece is crafted by hand in Starlite Originals' Los Angeles foundry; these sculptures are perfectly crafted, and include realistic metal depictions of both people and animals beautifully highlighted by crystal-clear Lucite. These unique art urns are then meticulously finished with hand tools, metal plating and various patinas that add depth and rich color to each piece. Each spectacular sculpture is then embedded in Lucite that is then polished or etched in order to fulfill the artist's vision for that particular urn.

Dan Medina’s Peaceful Sea Creatures

Dan Medina is an expert in crafting sea creatures, which is evident in his beautiful work. One of Dan's art urns, the "Circle of Love", depicts two elegant dolphins enjoying a relaxing swim in the sea. In another exquisite work of art, two humpback whales dive together within a magnificent abstract wave created in Lucite. Sea turtles, Orcas and art urns intermingling Earth and animals are some of the original work this talented artist presents.

Celebrate the Natural Beauty of Wildlife with Kitty Cantrell

Majestic wild animals are the specialty of Kitty Cantrell, who uses many of the same materials and techniques in crafting her exquisite art urns, although the style is uniquely her own. Majestic wild animals are artfully displayed both in Lucite and metal, giving each urn depth, dimension and two complementary perspectives - the work is truly awe-inspiring. Running wolves, horses and a buck seem to speak freedom, while many of her art urns are designed around Bald Eagles, both single and in pairs. The craftsmanship and subject matter of these gorgeous urns is truly arresting.

Mythology, Diversity and More - Christopher Pardell

For those looking for unique art urns that lean toward the unusual, Christopher Pardell's artwork offers diverse contributions that range from animal subjects and a depiction of the Resurrection of Christ to mythological creatures. Mermaids, dolphins, and an intricately crafted Native American woman encased in Lucite are some of the spectacular works offered by this amazing artist.

A Lasting, Personal Tribute

Everyone sees things from a different perspective; these art urns will mean very different things to different people. A bald eagle may be seen as patriotic to someone whose loved one served our country, while for another person a flying eagle represents comfort and protection for those still remaining here on earth.

Why you choose a particular type or style of urn is personal; it may be that a beautiful urn allows you to honor and respect a loved one, or you may focus on it for comfort and to keep fond memories alive. These exquisite art urns are available exclusively at In the Light Urns; each elegantly crafted piece is a signed limited edition artwork and includes a personalized engraved plaque.

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