Our In The Light Urns Exclusive, the beautiful Wild Horses Cremation Urn have only about 30 left in the numbered series, as of October 2012. Once they are gone, we will not being offering any more of the Wild Horses Cremation Urns. They have been a well loved piece in our ongoing Art Cremation Urn Line. If you have any questions call 800-757-3488.

artistic cremation urn

Number Series Artsy Urns: Express Your Feelings for Those Who Have Departed This Life

Our large line of numbers art urns allow you to personalize a loss and memorialize your loved one in a way that is often more meaningful than regular wood or brass urns. Cremation is becoming increasingly popular today, due to both the affordability and the wish of more people to pay tribute to their departed loved ones in a more meaningful way. Art Urns Help You Express Your Love

Love is a deep, heartfelt emotion that cannot be equaled. When a loved one dies, it is completely natural for you to want to do the very best you can do to pay tribute to them. When the departed chooses to be cremated, you want them to have the perfect final resting place. This is the last time you will be able to demonstrate your love; you want the most meaningful and fitting send-off you can afford.

Artsy urns are more than containers that hold your loved one's ashes. Though they are among the most secure containers you can buy, they are exquisite in their unique beauty. Skilled master craftsmen make these spectacular works of art, which are unspeakably beautiful. By choosing an art urn for your loved one's cremains, you will rest well knowing that you have chosen the perfect memorial — one that your loved one would have chosen if they were still alive.

Art Urns — A Personal Reflection of Your Loved One's Life

Art urns can perfectly reflect the kind of life your loved one lived; their hobbies and passions, their true personality can often be illustrated in these exquisite works of art. Whether your loved one was passionate about gardening, serving their country, or fishing, art urns are the perfect way to reflect what they loved about life. Today, it is possible to commission a small sculpture of your loved one doing what they loved best, then placing the sculpture on top of the urn. There are also ceramic urns available that speak to the interest and hobbies of a loved one; these urns are often decorated with lustrous glazes and floral paints that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Not only are art urns possibly the most beautifully crafted urns for ashes you will find, they are also perfect for display. Each time you look at the urn, you will think of the beloved person you lost and be reminded of those things they loved in life. There is no better way to keep the happy memories you shared alive in your heart and mind.


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