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The Assured Double Urn Wide Vault assures protection for your urns, due to the strong, durable polymer (ABS) construction. They will not deteriorate or corrode from temperature contrast, insects, water or minerals.

This urn vault is perfect for two brass urns, two wood urns or a companion urn.

This burial vault can easily tolerate earth moving and cemetery maintenance equipment. And has been tested to tolerate 2800+ lbs. psi crush tests. Made in the USA.

Size & Measurements:

This double vault measures:

Outside: 16.5" tall x 12" depth x 15" width
Inside: 14" tall x 9 3/4" depth x 13 3/4" width
Interior dome height: 14.5"

Engraving Details:

You may want to add a brass name plate which can be attached to the inside or outside of the vault, the brass name plated measures 3" x 2". You may need two plates for two loved ones cremains, or you may choose to engrave the information on a single plate. We can engrave up to 3 lines per plate, here is an example of what we can engrave:

Brandon Jonathan Smith
Jan. 13, 1952 - June 5, 2014
Beloved Husband & Father

In Loving Memory
Brandon & Mary Anne Smith
Together Forever

You may also use permanent markers to write notes and messages to your loved one, as pictured on the Assured Single Vault.

. Additional Features:

*Lifetime Warranty
*Made in North America
*Professionally Engraved

Thank you.

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Thank you for the good customer service and timely shipping.

Sincerely, Sally

Tue, 10/22/2019 - 03:14

The Double Vault

Mr. Donald Mason
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This vault fit both brass urns perfectly and we were very pleased that the cemetery accepted the vault.

Mr. Donald Mason

Fri, 09/30/2016 - 23:24

Double Vault fit

Mrs. Bennett
Rating value

The vault was perfect to bury my parents urns, they were both so large and I was not sure they would fit, but you were right.

Thank you for all the time your company gave me over this.

Mrs. Bennett

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 02:10

Double Vault

Rating value

Perfect for burial of my parents urns, thank you.

Sat, 08/31/2013 - 14:22

Double Vault

Carlos Salada
Rating value

This vault worked great for my dad’s urn. We buried this vault with our urn in a local large cemetery in Southern California. Thank you, worked great, saved us a lot of money too.

Carlos Salada

Fri, 09/21/2012 - 16:55

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