Peaceful Pillow® Cremation Urn - Water Burial Video

The most popular is the Peaceful Pillow® Water Burial Urn, it can be personalized with a name and dates and comes in 11 styles. Including all 5 branches of the military service. The Military Peaceful Pillow® Urns are the best way to bury a veteran or war hero at sea.

Biodegradable Urns have become more popular as baby boomers look toward a greener way to leave the earth. Bio means a green burial. Biodegradable urns allow a life to go back to nature. And there are many reasons why cremation is a growing popular choice among individuals who have lost a loved one. As advocates for cremation and eco-friendly products, the individuals at In The Light Urns feature an impressive collection of biodegradable cremation urns. Not just a cost effective alternative to burial that is better for the environment, cremation is the ideal post-life choice for people who believe in being kind to Mother Earth.

Biodegradable cremation urns are those that are designed to dissolve into the Earth. Each one is made using organic materials that are both drawn from and safe for the natural environment. The Cherish Urn is an excellent example of the biodegradable urns available at In The Light Urns. These urn can be used as a scattering urn or a burial urn. There are no metal or plastic components whatsoever, and our urn biodegrade naturally. These urns are available in child or keepsake sizes as well as adult and companion.

Another beautiful and environmentally safe option at In The Light Urns is the Natural Sand Urns. Like the Natural Sand Urns, these burial urns are made using ecological materials. This urn is perfect for people who want to scatter the ashes of their loved one into the sea. The urns include a water-soluble plastic bag for the cremains, eco-friendly glue used to seal the lid, and is designed to float for approximately five minutes on the water before descending gracefully beneath the waves. Once below the surface, the urn and its contents will slowly start to biodegrade.

Additionally, if you do not have a date set for your scattering or sea or earth burial, you can pre-purchase the bio-degradable urn that's your loved one. Be assured and it will keep indefinitely, if not gotten wet.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of biodegradable options to consider at the In The Light Urns. More information about these items can be found at

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