Three Rivers, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2009

In the Light Urns, a green memorial company, released a video that demonstrates the process of a water burial.

The three minute and fourteen second video shows a biodegradable urn, the Peaceful Pillow®, being cast away in the water while rose petals are thrown. The video shows the entire process from beginning to end. After some time the urn becomes heavy, flips upward and eventually goes under. No video of this kind has gone into such detail by showing the event all the way through.

More and more Americans are choosing cremation over burial and this demonstration is useful information for those that are undecided.

Susan Fraser from In the Light Urns said, "This truly moving event shows how powerful water burial can be." The video is displayed on In the Light Urns biodegradable memorials page.

This is urn is available to funeral home and crematoriums through United Priority Distributors. The Peaceful Pillow® line is exclusive to UPD.

The Peaceful Pillow® is a new product from In the Light Urns and is the spearhead to their green urn line. It can be used for water burial, land burial or to scatter ashes. The urn is made of 100% biodegradable materials and is accented with real leaves and flower petals. Wrapped in a hemp cord to secure the contents, this urn is sturdy and durable, making it suitable for traveling to a scattering or burial destination. A corn starch, water soluble bag is included for the remains. The urn has three sizes: companion urn at 560 cubic inches, adult urn at 240 cubic inches and the shared urn at 30 cubic inches. The shared is for sharing the memorial with others, so that the ashes can be distributed among several small water burial urns.

These green urns will biodegrade in any body of water. In the Light Urns recommends that all local and federal regulations are followed when having a water or land burial service.

Tyler Fraser of In the Light Urns said, "Water burial is a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one. We are humbled by the importance of our services." Tyler, a long time employee of In the Light Urns, works heavily in the green urn department. The company has introduced more than 10 new green memorials since last year. In the Light Urns has always provided unique memorial collections. Now with this new video they are making their presence known in the biodegradable sector.

This truly moving event shows how powerful water burial can be.
Peaceful PIllow Water Burial Fern Urn