3D Printing For Urns Means No Limits

By Susan Fraser -December 31,2015


When memorializing a loved one, family members want a cremation urn that is going to be truly unique. They want something that will represent and honor their loved one for an eternity. With an outstanding variety of cremation urns and memorial products here at In the Light Urns, we have added yet another option of customization to give our customers a further personalized experience. Through additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, we are able to design an urn that is ideal to what the customer wants. Whether they choose a design that is completely custom, or a style more traditional on a lovely base, they get the customer satisfaction that comes with knowing they are creating a fantastic custom design that will honor their loved one perfectly. [caption id="attachment_2111" align="alignright" width="300" class=" "]Senna-Formula-1-urn 3D Printed Senna Formula 1 Race Car (wood base was not printed)[/caption]

How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?

Most people are accustomed to methods of subtractive manufacturing, such as carving, stamping, and cutting designs out of materials. The excess material from subtractive manufacturing usually becomes scrap material (manufacturing waste) that gets tossed in the garbage. In the process of additive manufacturing, the product is being built by combining multiple element components. For our cremation urns we use both methods of manufacturing however, 3D printing, gives us the flexibility to design something more personal and achieve better customer satisfaction. The 3D printer takes a model of the design presented by the customer and then constructs the parts with a material supported by the printer, fused carefully together, to create a three-dimensional version of the design. This new approach to manufacturing makes a huge difference in the styles available to people, but also produces far less waste, and uses less energy.

How Does 3D Printing Encourage Customization?

Once people realize that they can create almost any design with access to a 3D printer, the sky is the limit on styles. For example, selecting a wood urn with a print of a scaled race car is a lovely choice, but it is not truly unique. Imagine the ability to locate an image of the perfect race car, with the ability to change colors and designs on it as desired. Now, families can determine the style of urn that works best for them, knowing that there is no other like it in the world.

How Do 3D Urns Work?

Like all additive manufacturing, custom cremation urns for ashes are made out of small pieces of material that are compiled into a unique design selected by the customer. Once the urn is complete, families can choose how they want it to be presented, whether they want the urn printed in color–left white or painted beautifully. The ashes can be stored either in a compartment that is part of the print itself with a plug to secure the closure, or the print can be displayed on a natural wooden, marble, brass, or stone base. The goal is to give families the ultimate choice in how to honor and display their loved ones’ remains.

New Options to Consider

Now that there is a basic understanding of additive manufacturing, a person can begin to imagine the world of opportunity behind creating a custom cremation urn for ashes. And what a world it is! Maybe there is an urn online that the customer really likes but it isn't quite what they want. In this case they can request to have an urn printed to look similar to that of the one online, however they can add the features they were envisioning, onto the 3D urn. [caption id="attachment_2006" align="alignright" width="300" class=" "]black-marble-lion-urn 3D Printed White Lion[/caption]

Some of the designs that customers are asking about involve a custom race car, a lion and a beautiful star. Imagine being able to recreate a person’s favorite car, one that they owned and drove, or one that they just loved to admire. A lion signifies strength and grace, while a lion urn with a pleasing marble base shows the timeless quality of a family’s love and memory. The star is flat with an opening at the back to hold the ashes, reflecting the endless sky.

These are only the choices that other customers have made. Urns can be made into almost anything. A child’s passing is always so hard to endure, but creating a children urn designed after a child’s favorite teddy bear or other stuffed animal provides a vivid and loving reminder. Companion urns also make excellent use of 3D printing. Imagine a single urn of a couple’s clasped hands, with the ashes stores in the base for each hand. Families could choose to have bust urns made of each person, or create a single style that can be used twice. In either case, the urns are entirely custom.

A Custom Design That’s Always Available

Many families have come to love a particular design for an urn, wanting to have several options for different family members as they pass. However, they sometimes become saddened when they go to purchase an urn and discover that a particular style is out of stock or has been discontinued. Additive manufacturing solves this problem by making almost any style available to make, anytime. This way, families can have exactly the urn that they want, without worrying that the manufacturer will discontinue the product line.

Custom Additions

The nice thing about additive manufacturing is that it is perfectly suited for the addition of other components. The materials used for 3D printing may be added to wood, marble, brass and other choices. For example, families might opt to have a 3D urn printed, but then install it on a wood or marble base to create a more traditional look. A customized engraved plate with up to four lines may be added to the base. However, families who want a truly custom urn do not have to select a base made of other materials. They may now request to have the urn, topper and base printed from the same materials.

The Benefits of In-House Printing

The best part of this whole process is that it allows our company to bring the production in-house. A 3D urn still requires time to produce. However, families no longer have to worry that they will have to wait weeks or months for their urns to be produced overseas and shipped to the U.S. Even better, people know that they are contributing directly to American labor and production. They also have a better guarantee that they will get what they want, knowing that there are fewer steps and points of contact in the process. The ultimate result is a higher degree of customer satisfaction for those who purchase custom cremation urns for ashes. Who knew that custom 3D printing for urns would be so engaging? And yet, the idea that customers should get a custom choice that reflects their loved ones’ personalities resonates with many. Whether families want an urn to resemble a person or something that they loved, 3D printing turns the tide of urn manufacturing to the customers’ choice, leading to people’s ultimate satisfaction in their purchases.


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