3-D Printed Urns

Our 6-Step Process for an Ideal 3D Printed Urn

By Susan Fraser - March 22,2018

The concept of 3D printing is so popular right now that it might almost be a buzz word. Want something that is not available in stores? Just...

The Road to Creating the Perfect Cremation Urn

By Susan Fraser - February 28,2018

Building something worthwhile calls for many different skills, which often reside inside different people. Our customers have ideas that...

Cremation Urn Lighthouses Shine Love for Eternity

By Susan Fraser - January 24,2018

Many people going through grief find themselves lost in the darkness, looking for a beacon to guide them back to the path of light...

3D Printing For Urns Means No Limits

By Susan Fraser - December 31,2015

When memorializing a loved one, family members want a cremation urn that is going to be truly unique. They want something that will...