Cremation Urn Lighthouses Shine Love for Eternity

By Susan Fraser -January 24,2018

Fastnet Rock

Many people going through grief find themselves lost in the darkness, looking for a beacon to guide them back to the path of light. Lighthouses are a popular symbol for memorials. They signify the road that those who have passed will take to find the light of the world beyond Earth. At In The Light Urns, our lighthouse urns become a symbolic representation of all of a family’s memories. For the bereaved, the constancy of the lighthouse serves as a reminder of the person they lost, who will always beckon to them.

Iconic Lighthouses
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

3D printed Cape Hatteras Lighthouse placed on a poplar wood base

Almost everyone seems to have an image in their minds of a traditional lighthouse. There are certain lighthouses though, that will always stick out among the rest. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, is one of them. Painted in the memorable swirling stripes of black and white, the lighthouse stands 208 feet tall–the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States. Heading to the northeast, the Portland Headlight Lighthouse in Maine is as bright and clean as the whitewashed buildings originally intended for the lighthouse keeper. Built in 1791 on the order of George Washington, it stands on a rocky beach famous in this region. Of course, lighthouses sit in all different parts of the world. The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse is Ireland’s tallest lighthouse.  Constructed of stone and granite it sits strong on top of a small clay islet just southwest of Cape Clear Island and no more than 8 miles from Ireland’s mainland. Due to its location it has gained the famous nickname of, ‘Ireland’s Teardrop’. Fastnet is historically known for being the last sight of Ireland for emigrants sailing off to the United States of America. Any famous lighthouse could truly become a beautiful custom urn that is entirely unique, with a 3D printer and our expert designers. When people find themselves traveling through a sea of grief, they may look for a light to bring them back to safety. With lighthouse urns from In The Light Urns, families have an ideal way to show the timeless light of their memory in a beautiful memento they can keep at home, or close to their heart.

Custom Lighthouse Urns

At In The Light Urns, we are known for making almost any kind of custom urn people can envision. Our skilled staff has the ability to imprint almost any image onto wood or other materials, in full color. People who have taken a lovely picture of a lighthouse and wish to feature it on an urn need only to ask us how we can make it happen.

Fastnet Rock 3D Print

2D Image of Fastnet Rock turned into a custom 3D printed cremation urn

Printing images onto an urn is only the beginning of what In The Light Urns can make. With years of experience working with 3D printing technology, we have the tools necessary to create virtually any three-dimensional product, using only 2D pictures as a reference. This means that we could take a picture of almost any lighthouse, and use our 3D printer to turn the image into an urn. Our 3D urns can be made of a variety of materials. In many cases, we print the design in gypsum stone, which can be painted in full color, bronzed or left a bright, dazzling white. We can place the 3D print on a base made out of the same or another material. With added engraving you can also leave a few important words about the person whose remains are kept inside.

Metal Lighthouse Urns for Ashes

At other times, people want a lighthouse urn that is built of metal, as strong as their love. Our Lighthouse At The Sea Brass Memorial Urn is made out of a single sheet of brass, and ideal to place in a niche. This urn is on the smaller side, holding up to 180 cubic inches of ashes. It measures 7.25” tall, 5.5” wide and 5.5” deep. You can still customize this urn with up to four lines of engraving in a selection of font styles. The Lighthouse Pewter Urn is also made of brass, with a lovely pewter finish. The urn is 9.75” tall, and can be sealed permanently with a top closure. Featured on the front you will see a striking pewter lighthouse medallion below the engraving.

Wood Lighthouse Cremation Urns

A wide variety of our cremation urns feature lighthouses. This is largely on account of the important symbolism in both spiritual and secular beliefs. The Lighthouse Poem Urn and Lighthouse Photo Journey Urn are both examples from our Journey of Love© series. These urns are built to stand tall and proud as the lighthouses depicted in pictures on the hardwood. Each urn measures 9.75” tall, 6.5” wide and 9.5” deep, and holds up to 240 cubic inches of ashes. These urns also have a place for an optional flame-less candle, which can be put right in front. Sometimes, lighthouse urns are designed to help people remember that the sun will never set on their memory, but will continue to rise. From our Keep the Memory™ series, we offer the Lighthouse Sunrise Urn and the Lighthouse Sunset Urn. These urns for ashes are made of birch. They measure 11.5” wide, 7” tall and 7.5” deep, and will hold up to 200 cubic inches of cremated remains. You can see the lovely depiction of a lighthouse at sunrise or sunset stands alive with beautiful color. A lighthouse urn can also be simple and elegant, like our Lighthouse Urn and Lighthouse Seagulls Urn. Made of a gentle, warm wood, these urns are 9.75” tall, 6.75” wide and 6.75” deep. The urns’ have soft lines, and the black fill in the laser engraving sets off the color very nicely. For families who wish to display their faith, our Lighthouse Faith John 8:12 Cremation Urn is a unique option. Made of alder with a black finish and a resin lighthouse on top. It features the famous scripture that reminds people who shines the most important light. This urn measures 13” tall, 9.5” wide and 6” deep.

Lighthouse Keepsake Urns
Lighthouse Ash Pendant Urn

Beautifully Crafted Lighthouse Ash Pendant Urn

Keepsake urns are meant to hold only a very small amount of cremated remains. This allows us to make true urns that are so small that they could be worn around the neck as a necklace or pendant. The Lighthouse Blue Cobalt Pendant Urn is made of pewter, with a little lighthouse surrounding a blue cylinder where up to 1 cubic inch of ashes may be placed. Our Lighthouse Silver Keepsake Urn and Lighthouse Golden Keepsake Urn come in a silver or gold tone, with up to two lines of engraving and an optional chain. The Lighthouse Ash Pendant Urn is made of stainless steel in the shape of a lighthouse, and will contain up to 1/4 of a cubic inch of cremated remains.

Lighthouse Key Chain Urns

People who do not prefer to wear jewelry may still wish they could keep the remains of a loved one close at hand. Our key chain urns are an excellent choice. The Lighthouse Key Chain Keepsake Urns can be purchased in gold or silver-toned stainless steel, and will hold up to 1/2 cubic inch of ashes. There are three windows in which the ashes can be viewed, with up to two lines of engraving on the urn. We also offer key chain-sized versions of our delightful Lighthouse Sunrise and Lighthouse Sunset urns. On the key chain is the keepsake urn, which will hold a pinch of ashes or a lock of hair. The key chain fob features an image that coordinates to the full-sized urn of the same name, and can contain up to three lines of engraving.

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