Boy Scouts of America® Urns

In The Light Urns makes some of the most beautifully made oak urns. Masterful work and a beautiful smooth finish are provided by some of the best urns makers in the USA.

We are proud to be an officially licensed memorial manufacturer by the Boy Scouts of America®. Each hand made urn is 230 cubic inches and will accommodate a person weighing up to 230 lbs.

The Life's Trail Urn is designed for any dedicated Scout or Scouter. Part of the Boy Scout experience is to test a young man's limits in the wild. Hiking and trail building are a part of that experience. Many a scout will re-cap days of old when a scout learned to help himself to achieve his goals. This was a big part of the experience in my family.

The Personalized Scout Urn in oak is designed for a Boy Scout. Each urn details the Boy Scout's accomplishments. If scouting was a proud force in your loved one's life, a BSA urn might be a fine choice.

If you are looking for a BSA personalized urn, please contact us with your thoughts, thank you.