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Brass Cremation Urns

Metal cremation urns are the perfect burial urn or can be placed on a shelf at home, a niche in a mausoleum and in a casket. Brass cremation urns are generally preferred by those who are looking to preserve the remains for a very long time, or our customers like the look and security that brass urns offer. They can be easily sealed and we easily pass through security at the airport.

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is a mournful journey. Finding the right cremation urn can be a positive focus, during a time of mourning.

Some of these brass cremation urns are intricately handcrafted, while others are shaped with advanced metal tooling. These brass urns also are made in several different shapes and sizes.

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Brass Cremation Urns

Many designs have matching a Shared or Medium Sized Urn or Keepsake to hold a small amount of ashes. Metal urns in brass or pewter are sturdy and timeless. These urns are closed with a screw top opening. The threads of these urns are high quality and fit smoothly and snuggly into place.

Brass urns can also be bought individually or can be paired with a matching keepsake. This is particularly helpful if you intend to divide the ashes to different members of the family. These keepsake urns are often made in a similar style, but there are several small brass urns to choose from. The mini brass urns are miniature replicas of the bigger brass urns.

Brass urns can also be engraved with a message that could be a small poem along with the name and dates of passing. Custom engraved urns are a very affordable and special way to memorialize your loved one.

Matching Keepsakes are also available and are matching miniatures of the adult urns shown here.

We take pride in our hand crafted brass and pewter urns and we hope to make this difficult time in your life easier by providing a wide selection of memorial brass urns. Our mission is to attend to your needs after losing a love one. Thank you for viewing our brass cremation urns and memorials.

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