Bronze Cremation Urns


Individuals who are in the market for a beautifully unique cremation vase are encouraged to browse the vast selection of product options at In The Light Urns. An online marketplace that specializes in distinctive keepsake urns, In The Light Urns makes it easy and affordable for individuals to celebrate their loved ones' individuality. What's more, the website for In The Light Urns yields quick and easy transactions with prompt delivery.

When it comes to bronze cremation urns, In The Light Urns has the market covered. In addition to traditional-style pieces, In The Light Urns also features distinctive products that appeal to the unique aesthetic. Take, for instance, the Lighthouse Keepsake Urn. A cast bronze urn molded to resemble a lighthouse atop a cliff, this item is perfect for the individual who wants to keep their loved one close by. Its demure size (this urn measures approximately 4 3/8 by 3 by 2 inches) makes it easily portable while the distinctive design somewhat obscures its purpose.

Another atypical product offered by In The Light Urns is the Titanium Golf Club Bronze Urn. Standing at approximately 7 by 5 ¾ by 5 ¾ inches, this item is much bigger than the Lighthouse Keepsake Urn and is just as unique. Ideal for commemorating the individual who couldn't keep off the links, the Titanium Golf Club Bronze Urn features the foot of a club atop a rectangular monument.

The products described here are just two of the myriads of tribute items available at In The Light Urns. Specializing in cremation urns that are both practical and commemorative, In The Light Urns features a wide variety of funeral containers of all shapes, size, color, and styles. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact In The Light Urns directly at (800) 757-3488 or email for more information.

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