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Everyone knows that burial urns are used to hold the ashes or cremains of a loved one who has passed. Cremation has been a process used by people for thousands of years, although the popularity of this practice is increasing today. Cremation urns can represent the soul and personality of the one who passes, as there are so many designs and materials available today. No longer are cremation urns simple, square boxes in which cremains are placed; they are beautiful, meaningful memorials that can be used not only for burial, but for display as well.

If your loved one was a member of the military, played or was passionate about any type of sports, or stayed on the lake fishing in every moment of free time, burial urns are designed today to represent these hobbies and careers. For thousands of years, cremation has been looked down upon by some religions who prefer traditional burials and believe the body should be kept intact. However, cremation is completely natural; the remains return to ash, and can be placed in the earth in burial urns that are biodegradable.

Today, many people choose to keep burial urns in their homes as a tribute to a loved one. They can be placed in special displays, or in a private area of your home. Some people voice their desire to have their ashes scattered upon their death in a place that holds special meaning. The choice is an entirely personal one, and many people today choose biodegradable burial urns because they are concerned about environmental issues. 

Sometimes in life, tragedies occur. Two people may pass in a car accident, such as siblings or man and wife. Today, burial urns make it possible for the ashes of more than one person to be placed together, so that their souls and spirits are together in eternity.

Financial issues are a huge concern to many people today, who choose cremation due to the fact that traditional burials are so costly. As more people pass, cemetery spaces are getting harder to come by, and most caskets are not biodegradable, which means they take up precious earth for hundreds or thousands of years. Cremation is a totally natural way to leave this mortal life on earth and pass to a place much better; burial urns are an ideal way to pay tribute to a loved one, and while they are beautiful and designed of durable materials, they are much more budget-friendly. We even offer Free Urns for those who need the additional financial support for their cremation urn purchase.

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