Burial Cremation Urn Information


In the Light Urns offers a uniquely modern and ceremonial way to celebrate the life of a loved one with Burial Urns. The Water Burial or Earth Urns break down safely and quickly into the raw materials of nature and disappears into the environment, making these unique pieces of art a beautiful concept for a ceremony. Offering Burial Urns supports the idea that any material that comes from nature will return to nature. In The Light Urns believes in personality urns and is prideful of being able to offer a natural form of remembrance to those whose beloved had a personal connection with the natural environment.

All materials used in the making of our burial urns are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Each urn is suitable for land burial. We do not believe it is wise to put anything other than cremains into the world's oceans, rivers or lakes.  Many of our urns are approved by the Green Burial Council, loo for the logo.

Scattering urns are suitable for water and land scattering. We have a wonderful line of new scattering urns for your loved one's Memorial Service.

The bio clay, such as the Conch or Turban Shell Urns are suitable for burial or for sea internment. These urns are perfectly made, to offer a realistic comforting, way to add ceremony to dispersing cremains. These, and all products In The Light Urns offers, are reasonably priced.

Water burial at sea has been a natural way to dispose of a loved one since the beginning of time.  Customizing a ceremony can be yet another form of characteristic nautical remembrance for fishermen, Navy, Marine or anyone who loved the sea. For more help with land burials and other biodegradable products please don't hesitate to contact In The Light Urns directly at (800) 757-3488 if you have any questions.

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