Natural Cremation Urns
Look for "Weather Resistant" or "Bio Urn" Under Urn Descriptions



Today, cremation urns are designed to meet different needs. The loss of a loved one is perhaps the most devastating time in your life, but you still have the task of finding the right urn in which to store the ashes following cremation. The type of urn you choose depends on whether the deceased loved one desired land or water burial, or scattering of their ashes.

Some types of natural cremation urns are made of materials that naturally disintegrate over a short period of time, and are the perfect choice for those with concerns about the environment.

The term "natural cremation urns" can refer to urns in two different contexts. You may wish the materials the urn is constructed of to be biodegradable, such as made from paper or wood. These types of burial urns generally break down over time, so that they eventually blend with the elements of earth.

Another way many people describe natural urns are those that are meant to be placed outdoors in a natural setting, such as in a garden setting or among trees. Those who were true nature lovers and enjoyed nothing better than being outdoors often prefer to be placed in a natural setting. Some of these urns may also be constructed of biodegradable materials, and some are made of bronze and steel to be durable and stand up to whatever type of weather nature has to offer. These types of "natural urns" are often designed with scenes found in nature, such as animals, leaves and mountains.

Cremation is a very personal choice; the urns that you choose in which to place the ashes of a loved one is very personal as well. Today, you can find cremation urns designed for any use, whether your loved one preferred to be placed in the middle of a wildflower garden or buried in an earth-friendly urn.

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