Celtic Cross Turquoise ~ Memorial Couple Urn© Series


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Celtic Cross Turquoise ~ Memorial Couple Urn© is a beautiful brass urn that is large enough for both husband and wife. This quality made double brass urn is a wonderfully Celtic Cross designed urn, reminiscent of the Celtic patina country memorials. A beautiful tribute and memorial to those you love.

All the urns from the Memorial Couple Urn© Series are 640 cubic inches. Which is larger than the regular 200 - 220 cubic inches per adult. We have been asked for a larger urn that can accommodate two adults, and a child and even room for beloved pets.

Size & Measurements:

This beautiful urn measures 15" x 8" and is 640 cubic inches, with a secure screw-on closure. Celtic Cross Turquoise ~ Memorial Couple Urn© is the only double brass urn of it's kind and is weather resistant urn can be placed outdoors, on a grave, in a garden or buried.

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*Lifetime Warranty
*Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Caring Professional Service

So Beautiful

Mrs. Ramona Silva
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I have been looking for an urn for my husband and my self and I am very happy with the workmanship and size of this beautiful urn. Thank you for making such a beautiful resting place.

Mrs. Ramona Silva

Thu, 02/04/2016 - 23:20

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