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Infant & Baby Cremation Urns

These urns are for the sweetest little Premature Infants to 2 Year Old Urns. This is a sad time of loss and we hope that our urns offer a comfort to the mommy and daddy's that have lost a precious little loved one. If you are looking for an infant or baby urn and cannot find what you would like, or if you have questions about engraving or delivery time, please contact us.

Baby bootie urns are a sweet urn to remember your loved one, as well as a huggable teddy bear. Other urns include our wood urns with angel babies wrapped in angel wings.

The loss of an infant cannot be taken away, nor can the grief. Parents, friends and family must be there for each other to navigate the grieving process and help each other cope. Grieving allows you to survive a tragic loss on the journey to acceptance and healing. There are many support groups, counselors and organizations that can help guide you through every step of the process, from choosing an infant urn to dealing with life after such a heartbreaking loss. Creating memories, such as a memory box or memorial keepsake helps validate the life that was and keep them alive in your heart.

Our Angel Urns are statue angels, praying over a small marble, onyx or wood baby urn. These can be used for the smallest preemie infant or baby, or even as a keepsake.

Our line of marble make really wonderful memorials. Sized for infants and children, these memorials can really make a good choice. We offer ornament to be placed on the urn on many styles, as well as for the infant and children urns.

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