Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton bust urns

Presidential Way to Show Your Love

The upcoming election season is on everyone’s minds, and all over the news. Here at In The Light Urns, we decided that the presidential election is an excellent opportunity to showcase our use of 3D printing, one of the best methods to offer the latest in truly custom urns for ashes. Our bust urns, featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are beautiful examples of urns that we can make for you or your loved ones. With our in-house talent and additive manufacturing technology, we can provide a custom urn of your choice in much less time than you might think.

3D Printed Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton White

Custom Made 3D Bust Urns

The bust urns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are truly a sight to behold. They show a remarkable replica of the two U.S. presidential candidates. Each cremation urn is made in two pieces, the bust and a separate base to hold cremated remains. They are made from gypsum stone, a sturdy material that is often used to make plaster casts or wallboard. Each urn is painted in color to resemble real life. Our bust urns may also be left a perfect, dazzling white. We offer engraving on the 3D bust urns, directly on the material of the base with color fill, or on an engraved plate.
The urns measure about 18” high, 7.5” wide and 7.5” deep. The square base will hold up to 440 cubic inches of ashes. Most adults need about 180-200 cubic inches of space for ashes. While these urns are not specifically designed to function as companion urns, the capacity makes them an ideal option for taller people, or to hold the ashes of more than one person.

How Does Additive Manufacturing Work?

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is an amazing technology that allows us to create our custom urns with a minimal amount of excess. With standard subtractive manufacturing, a builder strips away extra material to create the desired shape. 3D printing involves the use of a printer to put very thin layers of different materials on top of one another. The result is a three-dimensional shape that provides a surprisingly accurate representation of a two-dimensional image.

3D Printed Hilary Clinton White gif 3D Printed Trump White

Virtually Unlimited Options

In The Light Urns was the first in the industry to take advantage of this amazingly useful technology. We have been making 3D urns for over a year now. Although our 3D bust urns are truly unique and delightful, we can create anything you can imagine. Imagine a 3D lion, set on an elegant white marble base with your own custom engraving. Consider a different design for the lion, or opt for a stately black marble base. The choices are truly unlimited when you realize that the shape on the base is entirely up to your imagination. Select your material, including: plastic, resin, stainless steel, copper, silver, gold, stone composite, ceramic, sandstone!

candid shots

All materials are printed in high-definition, with absolute precision. Think of the possibilities available to embellish the 3D printed product. You might choose a custom cremation urn made of a single material, like the bust urns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You could also request a 3D printed urn with a handmade stone or wood base. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, so you can simply contact us to learn more about your options in colors and styles. At the end, you receive an urn that is set to your exact specifications, that becomes a heartfelt way to honor a loved one.

Krystal Holding 3D Printed Trump Head

Many families wish they could purchase urns that are as unique as the people who have gone before them. With our 3D bust urns, this dream may easily become a reality. These Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump 3D bust urns are the latest examples of our refined 3D printing process, which gives you more selection than you may ever have thought possible. It is the way we at In The Light Urns show that we are always looking for ways to give customers exactly what they want in custom urns for ashes.