Choosing the Right Sized Urn, Custom Baby Urns & Having a Child's Funeral



What size urn do I need to get for my son or daughter?

Whether your child is 3 pounds or 33 pounds, the general rule is 1 pound = 1 cubic inch. The only variation is young babies, they seem to need about 2 cubic inches more. We believe that this age; new born to 4 months, may have something to do with the bone density, which makes up cremains. The only other time this rule seems to apply is to very tall people; over 6' 2". Also, if the child is cremated in a casket, you will receive more ashes back and should add at least 5 cubic inches more for the smallest infant.

Can I purchase a Much Larger Urn?

You can always choose a larger urn, a 25 cubic inch urn for a 10 pound baby is fine to use. You can choose any size over the weight and feel very safe. With this larger choice, you have the option of including mementos like a hospital bracelet for the preemie infants, baby cap hat and booties, to teeth the Tooth Fairy collected. We offer a Free Velvet Bag for the smaller keepsakes. Just write in the text box where engraved requests are made, to: Send a Free Bag for Mementos, and we will include one at no extra charge.

Can I Have a Custom Urn Made?

In the Light Urns offers the widest selection of children's urns, painting, engraving and urn making capabilities in the USA. If you have questions about having a custom baby urn made, questions about twin urns, or extra engraving, etc, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (800) 757-3488 or email with any questions or concerns.

How do I have a funeral for a Child? For a Preemie?

Whether you are mourning the loss or an 16 year old or a 6 month old fetus, your loss is very real, the child that you hoped to see grow to adulthood and have children of their own, will not have that life you dreamed of. Even with the loss of a miscarriages and still born babies, you have every right to express this loss and have family and friends in attendance to help you in your grief and help them with theirs, as they hoped to see your child grow as well.

You can download our Free eBook on Celebrations of Life which can give you ideas for your child's funeral from professionals. These are some of the best celebrants in America, and most of them are trained as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®. They can be hired as well and many will travel to you. For any questions on any aspect of an urn, process or for funeral arrangements, please call us, and we will be here to listen and help where we can during this very difficult time.

My very best to you, during this difficult period.
Susan Fraser,

Infant Baby or Child Urn