Biodegradable Urns Help Preserve the Earth


Biodegradable Urns

Today, people are more concerned with the environment than ever before, due to global warming and other factors. This brings to question the practice of traditional burial, as caskets take up an enormous amount of space and do not break down for thousands of years. Biodegradable burial urns are becoming more and more popular, as people begin looking for ways to conserve the earth and even give back nutrients to the soil.

Every region of the world practices their own religion and cultures vary greatly; however, death is a natural process that occurs no matter where you live. The dead are honored through various rituals, and cremation is becoming much more common today.

Biodegradable urns are not only healthy for the environment, they are beautiful as well. Manufactured from resources that are environmentally friendly, they can hold approximately 220 to 400 cubic inches of remains. Tree bark and recycled products go in to the production of biodegradable urns, but the appearance is exquisite thanks to the hard work the artists put in to creating them. If you have ever seen marble or granite burial urns, you know how beautiful they can be; these are just as beautiful, and contain no metal or other components that harm the environment. In fact, even the glue used in these urns is biodegradable.

No matter what your needs, biodegradable urns can be used for the scattering of ashes, and for land or water burial. Beautiful designs such as sea shells, hearts and tubes make it possible for you to choose the perfect memorial for a loved one. One unique burial urn that is biodegradable allows you to embed seeds in to a material that is much like paper; as the urn breaks down, a new plant grows. This plant is a living thing that is a very touching tribute to your loved one.

Some urns are made to be used in a lake or river, and will float on the top of the water until it becomes heavy, at which point it sinks and disintegrates within a couple of days. Biodegradable urns are not only functional and beautiful, they are an affordable option for families who don't have a great deal of money to spend, but want to pay tribute to their loved one in a beautiful, meaningful way.

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