Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size urn to buy?

One pound of weight equals one cubic inch of cremains. If your loved one weighted 190 lbs, you need an urn that is 190 cubic inches. You will find the cubic inches of each urn on the description page of every urn you see. The same rule applies to pets.

My family member weighted over 400lbs. What can I do, most urns are for people 220lbs?

When a person is cremated, what matters is the height not the weight, so much. If the person was overweight, that goes away with cremation. If the person was 6' 4" then consider the largest urn you can get, an adult urn at about 240lbs will do, even if they weighed 200lbs. The bones are what remain, the weight goes away.

What is a keepsake, and a shared urn?

A keepsake holds a small amount of cremains. A shared urn can also be a keepsake, but is not kept. It is a small scattering urn, where a number of people have an urn and share in the experience of scattering. Some families purchase shared urns to take to different places and scatter as well.

Does the jewelry hold ashes?

Yes, every piece of cremation jewelry we offer holds cremains.

When can I expect my order?

We usually ship same day, free shipping ground UPS for full sized urns and USPS free shipping for keepsakes. Most urns and keepsakes ship from California.

Can I get overnight delivery?

Yes, you can. The website will quote expedited shipping, 2 day air or 3 day air shipping.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes, Canadian orders can be placed on the website. For all other countries call 559-827-2956 to place the order over the phone, or click on live Chat, top right of each page, and you can place an order there, as well as get quotes on shipping fees.

Can I return an urn or keepsake?

Yes, you can, we have a 365 day return policy. There is a 15% restocking fee for returns, mainly because of our free shipping policy.

I don’t want to fill the urn, can someone do this for me?

We can ship directly to the crematorium or funeral home, and they often fill the keepsakes and urn as a courtesy. You can also have a family member do it for you.

I am concerned about putting the cremains in the urn and sealing it, how do I do that?

Cremains are non-toxic and will not harm you. If you are ready to fill the urn, just remove the plastic bag of cremains from the temporary container and place in the urn. If you wish to seal it, you can use an adhesive.

What type of urns are approved for travel?

Almost any type of cremation urn will pass through an airport x-ray machine, except for a lead lined urn. We do not carry any like that, so all urns will be fine. Bring any paperwork you have been given by the crematorium, it could be helpful. Most crematoriums also seal the plastic bag with a twist tie, and they attach a metal coin, which identifies the cremains. This will offer further proof of the contents.

What type of urns are burial urns?

Any urn can be buried, but cemeteries will have their own rules. They may require a vault, this is usually required if they feel the urn could breakdown in time and cause the ground to sink in. We offer them.

What is the Funeral Federal Rule?

It is against Federal Law for a funeral home to refuse a casket purchased elsewhere. Any funeral home that refuses to accept a casket from a family is subject to a fine of $10,000 per incident from the Federal Trade Commission. They would also be subject to any civil damages resulting from any complaint filed by the family for emotional distress for refusing to accept the casket, refusing to perform the funeral service or charging the family anything extra because they exercised their right to comparison shop. A good place to get more information is here at Shopping for Funeral Services including the FTC Funeral Rule

For water burial at sea, how far do I need to be out in the ocean?

Things are changing so quickly in this regard. Three miles out, was the norm for many years, but in San Francisco, it is accepted to scatter ashes in the bay. It is best to ask in your area.

Can I scatter in a national park?

Before scattering cremains on anyone’s property, including government land, it is best to ask.

Thank you for visiting us at In The Light Urns and we hope you have a pleasant cremation urn buying experience, and memorial service for your loved one.