What Are the Benefits of Keeping My Loved One's Ashes With Me?

Rick Fraser
Submitted by UrnAdmin on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 16:05

People have many options they can choose from to handle their loved one's cremated remains. They can bury them in a cemetery plot, place them in a cemetery’s columbarium, scatter the ashes on land or sea, or keep the ashes with them. They may also do a combination of these. Keeping your loved one's ashes with you allows you to port their remains when you move, so that you do not feel like you have left them behind. Scattering ashes on ground or water is a permanent disposition of the ashes. Once you have set them down, you cannot get them back. 

For many people, this decision is too final. They may wish to visit their loved one's remains, which can be difficult if they do not live nearby. This is why some families prefer to scatter only a portion of the ashes, keeping some to put in an urn. Urns are more than just a place to preserve cremated remains. They can be a constant, loving reminder of the person you lost, whose life is still a part of yours.

Urns come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. You may place an urn in a prominent place in your home so that you can see it every day, or maintain a small amount of ashes in a piece of cremation jewelry you keep close to your heart.