How do I put the cremated ashes in a Jewelry Urn?

Rick Fraser
Submitted by UrnAdmin on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 03:00

Filling cremation jewelry with ashes is a fairly simple task, but it must be completed correctly to ensure that you have a lovely piece of jewelry you or others will be proud to wear. You should plan to fill the piece of jewelry over your bag of ashes in case any spill out during the process. Prepare your funnel and keep your adhesive ready for when you are done filling. You will receive both tools with the piece of jewelry you purchased. Take note of the closure of the jewelry, because the type of closure will affect how you need to seal it.

Cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry typically comes with a screw-top closure or a plug. Open the piece of jewelry and identify where the cremated remains are to be placed. Put the funnel into the opening and make sure that the funnel tip will fit completely. Collect some ashes in the funnel and drop them into the urn. Jewelry urns often hold only a very tiny amount of ashes, so start with a little bit at a time and add more as needed.

You may need to jiggle the funnel slightly to keep the ashes flowing into the urn, and you may also have to empty the funnel periodically to avoid pieces of bone getting stuck in the funnel tip. Once the urn appears to be nearly full, place the funnel back into the bag of ashes. If there appears to be too much in the urn, tap the piece of jewelry over the bag of ashes to release a small amount. At this point, you can close the urn and seal it. Once the urn is completely closed, you can add a dab of adhesive to the connection point to keep it permanently sealed.

Avoid putting adhesive on threads of a screw-top closure, because the glue may dry before you can close it and prevent you from completely sealing the jewelry. In this case, add a drop of glue when it is nearly closed or after you have tightly screwed in the top. Allow the adhesive to dry fully, and you may wear the piece of jewelry or give it as a gift.