What Materials Do You Have to Store Ashes?

Rick Fraser
Submitted by UrnAdmin on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 16:42

We use many materials to construct our lovely urns, always hoping to surprise and delight our customers with the variety we offer. With these materials and our careful construction, we at In The Light Urns have an urn to suit anyone.

Classic Urns

Sometimes, you cannot beat a classic style like brass urns. They are meant to last for centuries, a symbol of your unending remembrance. Brass urns come in both traditional, simple construction and highly detailed for a more modern look. Our wood urns are also sturdy and timeless, ranging from uncomplicated or religious designs to a wooden urn with custom pictures or carved tiles. You can select from a variety of wood components, finishes, art pieces and engraving options.

Natural Materials

One way to show your respect for the earth is to select biodegradable urns and urns made from natural materials like stone. Our biodegradable urns are constructed of earth-friendly materials such as paper, ceramic, wood or corn starch, all of which will easily biodegrade when placed in water or the ground for burial. Stone urns are also a natural way to hold your loved one’s final remains. Our marble urns are all unique, because they are cut from the natural stone. You may choose different styles, with custom engraving available for each.

Ceramic and Glass Urns

If you long for an urn with an engaging pop of color, you should take a look at our ceramic and glass urns. The ceramic urns are made to be both delicate to look at, and strong enough to survive for decades. The urns are handmade and feature images from nature such as flowers or animals, angels and more. Our handmade glass urns really must be seen to be believed. They have a shine as bright as your love, and colors as rich as royalty.

Jewelry Urns

Many people wish that they could have a little of their loved ones to keep close to their hearts. This is why we create a significant line of cremation jewelry urns, enough to hold a pinch of ashes or a lock of hair. Our gold jewelry urns come in the shape of hearts, pendants and other designs. Consider the stainless steel jewelry urns for traditional and unique styles such as a Celtic trinity, a dragon, a lighthouse and others.

3D Printed Urns

We can make urns of many materials, especially with the use of our 3D printer. Using gypsum stone, we create 3D printed bust urns and all kinds of shapes that you can imagine. Ask us for more information about 3D printing options and the urn ideas you have in mind.