What Are Some of the Most Unique Urns You Have for Sale That Would Match the Personalites, Hobbies, or Interests of the Deceased?

Rick Fraser
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You may find more unique urns at In The Light Urns than any other place. Ultimate customization is our aim. Browse through our huge selection of urns to find something to suit your loved one, or talk to us about a custom cremation urn you have in mind. 


To honor loved ones who served in the armed forces, we offer a generous variety of urns for all branches of the military. Select from traditional urns in brass or pewter, or wood urns with your choice of images. Our Peaceful Pillow® line of biodegradable urns for burial at sea comes with options for people who wish to have an appropriate military burial.

Military Urn







Military Urns

Hobbies and Interests 

No matter your hobby or interest, we have an urn that is right for you. We make a toolbox urn in full-size and keepsake versions, for the person who was always hard at work improving the home. One of our popular urn choices is actually a pizza box that was featured on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”.

Toolbox Urns









Toolbox Urns



Some people spend their career in sports, while others enjoy it as a wonderful lifelong pastime. For all of these individuals, a sports-themed cremation urn may be the perfect option. The family of Yogi Berra selected our Baseball or Softball Mitt Cremation Urn for the baseball legend’s final rest.

Yogi Bera Urn








Yogi's Baseball Urn


Cars and Planes 

A life spent on the road or in the sky deserves a fitting tribute. That is why we make many urns for ashes for the motorcyclist, trucker and automobile hobbyist. We also offer several delightful and amazing cremation urns for the pilot, astronaut or space enthusiast.


Music is the voice of the soul, and our music urns allow that expression to continue to eternity. Lovely urns made of wood, pewter and other materials, and music-themed cremation jewelry, give you the perfect way to honor the musician in your life.
Music Urns

Music Urns

We want you to be completely satisfied that your urn is completely unique. Contact us at (800) 757-3488 to learn more about our 3D printed urns and other custom choices, or visit our website for hundreds of options ready to order.