What are the types of Cremation Urns do you sell?

Rick Fraser
Submitted by UrnAdmin on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 16:04

In The Light Urns offers hundreds of urns in almost any size or style imaginable. We are always innovating, thinking of new designs and technologies that will help our customers find the perfect urn for their loved ones.

Urn Styles

If you think of a very traditional urn, it is probably shaped like a vase. We offer many urns in this shape, including brass urns, marble urns, glass urns and even urns made of salt. We also make urns in dozens of other designs. You can browse through our extensive selection of wood cremation urns for burial or keeping. Consider a lovely biodegradable urn for burial on land or water, or for scattering ashes. Select a ceramic urn with colors and designs that are one of a kind. If you want the ultimate in custom urns, request one of our 3D printed urns in virtually any shape you want.

Urn Sizes

Our urns range from large enough to hold the ashes of two adults, to the size of a small piece of cremation jewelry. Choose from necklaces, lockets, pendants and more. Our keepsake urns come in all different styles, many of which are simply smaller versions of our adult-sized urns. We also offer sympathy gifts that are ideal for a memorial service, with a pleasing selection of ornament keepsake urns, bookmarks and keychains.

Our website is easy to search to find the style of urn that you are looking for. Check out the site map for a list of our urns by theme, material and more.