What Types of Urns Are Burial Urns?

Rick Fraser
Submitted by UrnAdmin on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 16:14

Selecting urns for burial is a popular choice for many families. Technically, you can choose any kind of burial urn to set into the ground. However, the location for your loved one’s final resting place may dictate the type of urn you must use.

Urns for Burial

The requirements for burial urns are generally quite simple. They must be large enough to hold the complete ashes of the person, and they should seal tightly, especially if used for travel purposes. In The Light Urns offers many choices that fulfill these obligations and more. If you want to bury the urn outside of a cemetery, you may need to purchase a burial urn that is biodegradable or made entirely of natural materials, such as wood or stone.

Urn Vaults

Should your loved one plan to have their remains buried in a cemetery, you should contact cemetery administrators to learn the policies they maintain for urns buried there. The requirements depend on the location in which the urn will be buried and the type of urn. Many cemeteries require that urns be buried in an urn vault. Vaults made from polymer protect the urn from damage. They are especially appropriate for burial in a traditional plot because they prevent a breakdown of the urn causing the ground to sink. You can choose urn vaults that are meant to hold one urn, such as the Assured Single Urn Vault. The Assured Double Wide Urn Vault is an ideal option for people wishing to bury more than one urn, or for burying a companion urn.

Wherever you wish to bury an urn, you should make sure that you know the rules in advance. This way, you can arrange for a burial urn and an urn vault that meets your family’s needs.